Natalie's First Birthday - Part 1

On November 22, 2014, we celebrated Natalie's first birthday with all of our closest friends and family.

The party was held at my In-Laws house. We had hoped that the renovation on our new house would be done in time to have her party there, but our house was nowhere near ready to host a large group of people by that time, and we worried we would be too crowded in our current house.

I had a custom made invitation made by Simply Printable on Etsy, and then I had them printed at CVS:

I was really proud of the birthday balloon wreath I made for the occasion. I followed this tutorial at How Does She. I'm going to decorate for birthday with this wreath for years and years to come.
We had 8 kids at the party - technically 6, but I had two pregnant friends there so I counted them in the mix for Dr. Seuss party hats for each of the children.
On the table by the front door, I put the book Happy Birthday To You! By, Dr. Seuss with a framed poem that read:

Stop here you see!
And write a very special message to me. 

Share a birthday wish, or just say "Hi Baby!"
For your most favorite one year old lady!

Write your note on any page
This is something I'll treasure at any age. 


Natalie's High Chair was decorated with this kit I bought on Amazon, the balloons were from Party City.

I had two garlands with Natalie's monthly pictures from 1-11 to show how much she's grown in the past year. The first garland were with photos of her sitting up in a chair each month:

The second garland were the overhead photos I took each month with her monthly stickers on her shirt:

I had various "1st Birthday decor" items all around the house.

My parents brought the cake and the smash cake from my favorite/the best bakery in Pennsylvania, The Bakery Nook. I haven't been able to find a really great cake bakery out near me in Queens yet. I've been disappointed with the cakes I've ordered in New York for the past few events, so I asked my mom and dad to bring the cake from Pennsylvania.

Natalie's First Birthday Outfit was ordered from Eleventh House Designs on Etsy.

I loved the little tutu, and Natalie didn't seem to mind it either - I guess I've got a little tutu wearer on my hands now!
Tomorrow: Part 2


  1. I can't even believe Natalie is already one year-old! You did a fabulous job with her party, as usual, right down to every little detail!

  2. Love love love the book idea and the cake looks yummy! I'm working on what to do for Jeanette's birthday party, which will be a few weeks after her birthday. I did invites on Tiny Prints and we are having the party at my in-laws house because in the winter our house doesn't work well for entertaining. When people can go on the deck it's fine, but it's a little cold for that now haha.

    1. That's the same problem we had- if we could have people inside and out it would have been fine at our house. Next baby must be in the warmer months so I can have outdoor parties!! Good luck with the party, it'll be great (and feel free to steal any ideas!)

  3. So many cute ideas! Can't wait to see part two but so far it looks awesome. I love her little outfit, too!!

    1. Thanks and thanks! I loved that little tutu, it was so great for photos, i was questioning buying it for a few weeks. I also felt like i should have just made her tutu (apparently it's very easy) but I chickened out and bought this one instead- but I'm quite happy!

  4. JaiseAnn's first birthday is this Saturday. Crazy how time flies. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

    1. Awww so great and so crazy! Have a great time- i know it will be just great! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Looks like such a cute party and I love her tutu outfit!

    1. Thanks! I decided to just whole heartedly embrace the girly tutu thing...and i'm glad I did :)

  6. Gahhhh! LOVE IT. Jack's is in less than 2 weeks and I have sooooo much left to get done. I have been so overwhelmed with finishing up the holidays I am so behind. i'm sure I'll pull it together!!! LOVE the wreath!

    1. Yea with birthdays and holidays it's just too much! I was lucky that Natalie's bday was right before the craziness of the holidays so I had time. Is it bad that i specifically plan to avoid having my second child during the months of nov-jan?!

      Good luck! Jack's party will be amazing!

  7. Totally cute! I love all of the decor and that adorable tutu!


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