January in Pictures

I've decided to do a photo dump at the end of each month this year, to recap the highlights of the month. This was our January 2015 - a month I think should be dubbed "The month of climbing":

Natalie: You continue to keep me on my toes. Although things like this don't even bother me anymore. Daddy sees the way you climb on things and has a heart attack - I, am used to it, and have kind of taken the whole "You'll learn when you fall and hurt yourself" approach #momconfessions
You climb into things, climb onto things, climb out of things, climb around things, climb over the couch...
 Knock over toys and climbs onto them...
 And when I leave the step stool out for ONE minute, this happens...
You loved going to the hairdresser in Astoria and watching all the people drive and walk by while Daddy and I got our hair cuts...
I often find you perched in your shopping cart (yes, my daughter has a mullet)
As well as in the book basket, but you started helping me clean up when I sing the clean up song!

You can be a contemplative little one...

 You like to lounge - Kids...they're just like us!
You enjoyed having some friends over this month to have them play with all your new Birthday and Christmas toys! Playing with Samantha:
 Cousin James:
 Your friend, Lily:
And of course, Uncle Matt!
 We had your first real snow storm, which was a blizzard!

You loved 2-ingredient pancakes
 And you loved pretending to drink from this empty soda bottle.
January was a great month! You started saying "Moo", "duck", "woof, woof", pointing to your feet when I say "Where are your feet?" and stomping your feet:

Looking forward to seeing what new words and actions February brings us! 


  1. I felt like I was having a heart attack with the climbing photos lol. Jeanette has climbed one thing so far, her child sized rocking chair which I now have hidden in her room in a corner. I would however like to get her a little recliner chair, I may need to look for one this week :)

    1. Haha! Natalie LOVES her chair, she's always climbing on it (haha) but she also likes to sit in it for her snack or when she's watching a show she likes. It's so cute to see her acting like a little adult sitting in her own chair.

  2. She is quite the climber! I've taken the same approach to parenting. I can tell him 8,000 times to stop, but he's going to do it anyway and I'd rather her learn how to do it safely. Haha. I can't believe how big she's getting!!!

    1. agreed - i feel like she's supposed to explore and figure out how to get up and down and sometimes fall.

  3. So cute! That's a good approach to have. I have a feeling I will be like you and Jonathan will be like Chris, haha. Funny, I go to Astoria too for my hair cuts and anything hair related: Giorgio's on Steinway!

    1. Haha and honestly I think that's a good mix to have - one that worries and freaks out and one that's like "eh, they're fine" cause if both of you were that way the kid would have no boundaries and if both of you freaked out the kid would be neurotic! So cool! We go to New Image on Ditmars. Chris has been going there his whole life - and I love astoria, so we generally make a day trip out of it and go together and then get lunch!


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