Natalie's Favorite Toys

Natalie got some great gifts for her Birthday and Christmas at the end of last year, and since then our living room has been overtaken by toys - and Natalie in general. That's even with returning about $250 worth of toys to Toys 'R Us. Here are some of her favorites at the current moment.

Natalie's Favorite Toys

What are your Little One's favorite toys right now?


  1. Aww...the joy of having a home furnished in Early Childhood!

  2. Love these items...they have so many fun things for kids now!

  3. Jack LOVES the cube BUT he's on a mission to climb it these days so we have traded it out for some other none climbing toys! Jack just got a V-Tech Scout for his birthday and he loves it. We've personalized it from my I phone so it sings songs about Jack! He takes it in the car and plays with it.

    1. yes, Natalie has started climbing on her cube as well. Though not as much as the little "frozen" table she has, which she has now taken to climbing on and literally leaping off - preferably onto a couch or into someone's arms, but sometimes..when no one is there too...sigh. She's def. a dare-devil


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