Natalie Claire 12-18 Months

It's summer!!! Ok, so I feel like our house is somewhat semi in-order, and I can hopefully share a little house update soon. Even though we still have workers here almost every day, and I still have some more decisions/things to figure out with the house, as a whole it is looking great and things are really shaping up!

I am so excited for this summer with Natalie. I feel like I can actually do fun things with her and take her fun places.

Here's a little recap of what Natalie's been up to for the past 6 months, and I plan to do a lot of updating on all the fun things we have planned this summer! 


  1. It's great that things are coming together for your house! I hope you have lots of summer fun with Natalie!

    1. Thanks Heather!! Cant wait to share and get back into the blogging world! (How many times have i said that now?)

  2. Love this Little Girl and her family! Great video as usual. <3


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