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So far this week;

Natalie attended her first hibachi dinner, and it was magical

I've been able to keep pigtails in for at least HALF a day!

We've enjoyed summer evenings outside with Oma and Papa.

She went in her potty three times!!!

Also, these feet....

I was cleaning up toys today and Natalie walked over to me, put her arms around my neck and planted a kiss right on my lips. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I've been lazy about doing things this week, and also super swamped with work so we've really had a low key week. So far this summer has been so busy, I just needed a week to regroup and it's been nice!


  1. So cute! It's awesome that she had fun at her first hibachi dinner. Have a fun weekend! :)

    1. I reallly didn't think how amazing hibachi would be fore her, but it was so fun!

  2. That face at dinner! !! Also, I'm curious about this potty business?!:)

    1. Hey!! I've just started to introduce it to her this week - for 3 days I put her on it shortly after her lunch and all three times she did #1 and #2. We sit there for awhile and sing, play peek-a-boo, or read books so she's entertained and likes sitting there. Maybe after 10 minutes she'd start to go.

      One day, I let her run around with her diaper off for about an hour. I watched her like a hawk, and the second I saw her start to squat, I ran her to her potty. She sat right down and peed.

      Of course, I praise her, hug her, tell her what a big girl she is, etc. and she does seem very fascinated by it. I plan to just keep doing this more and more each day and hope that before I know it, she's potty trained.

      I met a woman at Gymboree last week who potty trained her daughter at 13 months, and I was in a word, inspired. So I figured, it was time to at least start introducing it, but so far it's been going pretty well!

  3. That face at dinner! !! Also, I'm curious about this potty business?!:)

  4. What??? I can't get my 3 year old to go on the potty! #jealous.


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