A girl, and her piano

A girl and her piano. I love this picture so much. Sometimes, I think "what if she ever grows up to be a piano or music virtuoso?" These are the pictures I'll share when they make her E! True Hollywood special on her.

"From a very young age, Natalie showed an intense interest in the piano and music..." With various photos like this of her at the piano. 

I can see it now! 

However, I've decided I'm enrolling her in photography classes next year so she can be a professional photographer, because with the prices some of these photogs charge these days?! Holy hell, I am in the wrong business.... 

We had a very nice weekend with our friends Christina and Kenny (we always have great weekends when we visit each other.) Natalie enjoyed the extra attention and soaked up the time with them! We miss you guys already! Xoxox


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