First day of Pre-K Prep

You guys, I was HELLA proud of Natalie today. I took her to a pre-K prep class that our gymboree offers for 2-3 year olds (really, it's more of a "nursery" prep class). It's a half hour class in the gym with parents, then a half hour in a classroom on their own, and then 15 minutes back out in the gym with parents.
I really didn't think Natalie was going to cry when we separated, I was more so worried about her hitting or hurting other kids in the class, lol. Well, she didn't do either. The teacher said she started to look for me after a minute when she realized I wasn't behind her, but they directed her to the legos, and she quickly forgot she was looking for me. I was happy, proud, and sad, all at the same time :)

But it was adorable: After the half hour, she came out, saw me, and yelled "Mommy!" while running to me....adorbs.

So yea, major heart swells from my little girl today!
Here's a video of our class: Click here to view if not showing up in browser



  1. Awe......that made me choke up for half a second. Our Little Girl is getting so big! Plus I was relieved she didn't hit anybody. 😆


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