Goldfish Starts With 4

I have a book called "Mom's One Line A Day" that I write a little recap in each day. It's a FIVE year memory book and I kept it up for two years...well, almost.
See, I haven't written in it since November 6th, which is a shame because now, more than ever, this kid does something hilarious every day.

If I were to start back up writing in it tonight, it would say:

Quote of the day by Natalie:
"Goldfish starts with 4" 

Or I would write a little story about bath time: how I finally put her hair in a pony tail so we wouldn't get her hair wet, but tonight was the night she decided she LOVED putting her head under the faucet all of a sudden. She also LOVED her new bear towel from my parents:
These are the little things that I so easily forget when I don't either write them down somewhere, or document them here and I am vowing, promising myself, MUST be better about it. Because I'm already forgetting the cute little milestones we've hit over the last two months and I don't want to forget any more of this time.

Things that have been going on that I need to update on:
1. Nursery School search: Yep, registration starts this month, and Natalie starts in September. AHHH!!

2. My pregnancy: Baby #2 due in May!

3. Nursing: My goal was 2 years - I made it 1 year and 51 weeks.

4. Transitioning Natalie to a toddler bed and falling asleep on her own.

5. Natalie's Birthday and the Holidays.

6. Nap update: Today went muuuch better. She fell asleep in her chair after fussing for 30 minutes. She fell asleep sitting straight up and with a book in her lap, but a nap is a nap! I'd call this...progress.

And remember:
"Goldfish starts with 4"


  1. I have the same journal--I haven't updated it recently, but luckily I sent a picture/text out to family almost every day and so I can just go back through my phone and fill it in. I still need to get better though. I have SO many questions for you--about transitioning to a toddler bed, about weaning Natalie--were you already pregnant when you did it?

    1. Yes! I prob. could go back and fill in quite a bit between texts and photos I've taken. I really wish there was an app that was pretty much instagram, but just for me. One Photo a day, with a small caption. But one that I don't necc. have to share to tons of people, but just keep a record for myself. So far, I haven't been able to find an app like that - maybe I should invent it and be the next Mark Zuckerburg!! The rest of your questions, I'm emailing you separately on - I could write a book!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! So I was going to get all braggy today and put on FB "Yay! It took her 26 minutes to fall asleep for her nap today - getting better!" Which it did, great. But then she only slept for like 28 minutes!! ARRRGG. You win some, you lose some.

  3. Don't worry about what you don't write down. What you do write down will always be a valuable treasure. There will always be something missed so let it go and enjoy what you have. Natalie will enjoy her Cute Quotes just as much as you enjoy yours. I still chuckle over "Mom! I NEED choc. late." ��

    1. Yes!! like I have to write that down - I don't even remember what day that was! ahhh it's all leaving my mind alreadddddyyyy lol.


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