My Pregnancy: Checking in at 22 weeks

I'm getting asked a lot of the same questions these days by family, friends, and blogosphere friends so I thought I'd do a little Q&A check-in on where I'm at right now with pregnancy/life/etc. and catch everyone up as I try to catch up on things myself around here.
How far along are you? 
22 Weeks

Is this your last baby? 
No - there is no way this is my last pregnancy. We wholeheartedly plan to have 1 (possssssssibly 2) more children.

Are you finding out the gender? 
No, we are team green again!

Are you crazy? 
No, leave me alone.

What do you think you're having? 
According to the Chinese Gender Chart - we are having a boy. But the Chinese Gender Chart said "boy" last time too. I will say that all my symptoms and experiences this time are pretty much the same as last time, which makes me say - girl. But that probably means it's a boy since I was so wrong last time.

I was so off last time with my guess, that I really can't even begin to guess this time around and I really don't have a feeling one way or the other.

What do you WANT to have? 
Sigh, I truly don't care what we have, truly. But I can list my pros for either:
Girl: My preference for my overall family would be to have 2 girls and 1 boy. IF that is what we have, I would like to have the two girls first so they are closer in age. SO, that means I would like to have a girl next, but THEN that means I'll be a "little" more anxious next time around that I'm having a boy - because I would like to have a boy in my life as well.

Boy: If I have my boy next then I have my one of each, and there would be no expectation, or anxiety, or hoping, for a specific gender for our third child, it truly wouldn't matter. Even though - I can't stress this enough, it truly doesn't matter what we have for any of our pregnancies. But yes, I would like to have a boy as well at some point, ideally.

If you have 3 girls, will you go for the 4th and try for a boy?
I can't know that until we get there - part of me says yes, part of me says no. Then another part of me remembers the story I heard of a woman who finally gave up on having a girl after having 7 BOYS. SEVEN. At some point, you just accept and move on.

What are you doing with work? 
My goal would be for work to not even realize I had a second baby. Obviously they know and are aware that I'm pregnant. But I don't want another baby to affect my workflow or work ethic and I hope that we can continue "business as usual" after my 6 week maternity leave. This may be blissful ignorance, but ok.

What do you do for work these days anyway?
Haha, I get asked this a LOT. I work part-time from home. I don't have set hours, as long as I get my work done in a timely manner and respond to email in a timely manner, I'm fine. My direct boss is the coolest, kindest, most-understanding person in the world. Sometimes I do work during the day, sometimes I do it at night. Some days I work 5 hours, some days I work 2. It ebs and flows. I work for a Classical Music Management company assisting with contracts, itineraries, paperwork, cd sales, etc. for our artists. The company really took off this past September which is a large part of why I disappeared off the face of the earth for awhile. September came and hit me like a ton of bricks: Between work, the beginning of my pregnancy, my Jamberry business, and Natalie suddenly deciding she was just going to wake up an hour earlier than usal: I was running full throttle on all tanks, all the time. Things have finally calmed down a bit, but should pick back up at the end of the month. The only difference is this time, I should hopefully be more prepared for it and have less outside distractions.


Why aren't you documenting this pregnancy as much as the last? 
Well there are a few reasons for that.
1. Time - no explanation needed.
2. I really don't need to compare how much bigger I am each week this time around than I was last time. There's nothing like looking back on old pictures of yourself to realize just how skinny you really were, even if at the time, you didn't think so. And how shiny and thick your hair was, and how white and vibrant your eyes looked...ok, now I'm crying. I've taken a few bump pictures, I've instagrammed a few times, but my heart just isn't in it. I'll certainly keep up with the monthly pictures of the baby, but my stomach doesn't need to be the center of attention right now...
3. This isn't really the reason I'm not documenting, but it kind of lives there subconsciously: We unfortunately have quite a few people in our life right now who are having trouble conceiving or carrying, for various reasons. Giving weekly updates on my weight gain and symptoms just feels trivial and awkward to me this time around. I know that not everyone has to read my updates if they don't want to and it should be more for me and my record keeping; but by putting it out there, it just feels flaunty and it makes me feel weird and braggy. Again, reasons #1 and #2 trump this reason anyway, but this is just another layer to it.

I may do more updates now that I've really popped, but I'm not positive how much I'll keep up with it from here.


Anything else I've missed? Any question you've been just dying to ask me? Fire away!


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