Toddler Time at the library

I try to take Natalie to the library on Fridays for Toddler Time. This is usually a song, storytime, sometimes a craft and then open play.

Natalie does NOT sit for the storytime- but there are some reasons for this (other than the fact that she's a maniac) - the children's librarian has such a heavy accent that even I have trouble understanding her. I can only imagine how confused Natalie must get; she also picks these teeny tiny books to read that no one has ever heard of so the  kids aren't identifying with them, and she reads different books each week! At the other library I went to, the librarian would read these big, oversized pop up books - Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and she would read them every week or at least every other week!! Natalie always sat for those, so I know it's possible; The librarian also sits soooo far away from all the kids!! It's very odd to me, but whatevs, it's free. So storytime is a struggle.

But "The Wheels On The Bus" time? She's a pro at that! Natalie likes to be front and center for singing time. She is NOT shy:
To give some perspective, here is where the REST of the well-behaved children are...
We'll be long as she can learn to sit and listen in a class setting by September....we shall see, lol


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