Natalie has the flu!

Well, the flu has hit our house. Despite getting Natalie the flu vaccine this year, she tested positive for the flu on Wednesday and we are pretty much homebound for the next few days.

She woke up perfectly fine and happy this morning.
Exhibit a)
She did not want to eat much for breakfast, but other than that she was perfectly normal so off we went to Gymboree! Half-way through the class I started to notice that she was irritable and extra clingy to me. She even wanted to be held during her favorite dance song at the end of class, so I could tell that something was wrong. I feel so bad that we were at Gymboree with all those other kids but really, one hour earlier, she was happy as a clam:
Exhibit b)

I went home to try and take her temperature, but was unsuccessful at getting a reading myself because she was so fussy. I tried to get her to relax on the couch with me but I could tell she was burning up and she was growing more irritable by the minute. I called the pediatrician and they took us right away.

We went into the doctor and Natalie had a fever of 103.4!! They swabbed her throat for strep and her nose for the flu, and it turned out it was the flu! I was actually really shocked. I thought they were going to tell me she just had some 24 hour thing, and to keep up with the tylenol. Any time she's had a fever, that's always been what we've done. But I will admit, this time did seem different. She was more fussy and upset than I have ever seen her before.

So off we went with a dose of tylenol in her system, and a prescription for tamiflu. She fell asleep on the way home, so I dropped off the prescription at the drive-thru CVS pharmacy and then just waited in the car with her in our driveway until I received a text that her prescription was filled, and I could drive right back and pick it up without having to disturb her. Thank goodness for drive-thru pharmacies!!

Once we got home, I gave her a dose of tamiflu and she actually asked me for oatmeal and blueberries for lunch so that was a good sign. She ate quite a bit and actually seemed semi-back to her self for the rest of the afternoon. We watched tv and hunkered down in the house for the rest of the day.

I have zero pictures of the day. I was too preoccupied with getting her to drink water, and checking to see how warm she felt.

So now I'm just worried about getting the flu myself. I got the flu-shot, but so did Natalie and obviously that didn't work. The pediatrician suggested I call my doctor and get on tamiflu preemptively as a precaution. I have never heard of taking flu medicine preemptively and thought she was crazy, but after talking to other people, I guess that's a thing and most people have said I should do it. It's better than me getting the flu while I'm pregnant. But I don't take ANY medicine when I'm pregnant. Literally nothing: even if I have super bad heartburn or a bad headache, I don't take medicine. So taking flu medicine when I don't have the flu, is just a very foreign concept to me - but I will call my doctor in the morning and see what she says about it. So far, I feel fine (famous last words, I know).

Luckily, we have zero plans for this weekend anyway, and now we'll have to keep it that way. I hope I don't go crazy cooped up in the house for the next few days!!

In other news: I'm 29 weeks!


  1. Oh no! Hope she is feeling better and it stays clear of you!

    1. Thank you!! So far, so good - so I think we are all in the clear!! (knock on wood)


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