Bumpdate Baby #2: 34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain: 32 pounds

Sleep: I am getting SO TIRED around 2:00 every day. It reminds me of my first trimester when I was taking naps - that's how I've been feeling again this week. I actually fell asleep putting Natalie down for a nap earlier in the week but she stayed up and played in her room! (I actually found her downstairs after I passed out for 5 minutes, but that's a different story for a different time...#motheroftheyear)

Best Moment of the week:
The baby turned and is in the proper position for delivery!! Two weeks ago at the doctor's office, they informed me that the baby was breach and I would need to schedule a c-section just in case the baby didn't turn into the proper position by the time I was ready to go into labor. I was a bit panicked for a while there. My c-section was scheduled for May 4th (a whole week before my actual due date) but I was determined to not have to keep that appointment. I also felt confident that there was enough time for the baby to turn naturally into position. I researched what to do to turn a breach baby naturally - which was very interesting and enlightening - everything from "shine a flashlight (down there) to draw the baby to the light," to "Play music between your legs to draw the baby to the music." I did that once - no lie, I played Bonnie Tyler's "Turn Around" - but I really don't think it worked. I did put my feet and hips up before bed for a couple nights, which is the most common recommendation I saw for turning a breach baby. The idea is when your hips and legs are up high, it puts pressure on the baby's head (because, it's essentially upside down) and it will want to turn around to get more comfortable. There were two times in the past two weeks that I felt VERY intense movements and I think one of those instances is when the baby turned. The first was the very first time I put my feet and hips up: the baby was moving like CRAZY, and it may have been that very first time was all that I needed to just get the baby to turn right then and there. The next time was a few days later when I was putting away laundry. I reached up to hang something in Natalie's closet and literally gasped at an intense movement in my stomach and I did think at the time "was that the baby turning???" But I still had to wait a whole week to know for sure. I'm sure one day there will be an app called "Is my baby breach?" and I can just hold my phone up to my stomach for it to tell me - but for now, I had to wait 2 weeks before I could find out for sure.

The second best moment of the week was really tackling Natalie's big girl room and starting to clean through it so we can get it set up for her. That room is filled to the brim with random stuff we don't know what to do with, but my mother-in-law helped me tremendously on Tuesday to organize it and get it at least to a place where Natalie can walk in and start getting used to the room. It's a big room, and pretty bare right now, but we will slowly but surely get it ready for her.

Worst Moment of the Week: My heartburn has been back the past few days. The only cure for it seems to be my mom's leftover Mac N' Cheese from Easter (pretty amazing cure if you ask me. If only homemade Mac n' cheese cured all ailments!) 

Miss Anything: The night before Easter I all of a sudden wanted a glass of red wine. I think it was just the holiday and usually enjoying a glass or two with family around the holidays that made me want to indulge in one. I totally know I could have had a glass if I wanted one at this stage, but I didn't want it enough to warrant opening a whole bottle - I just thought "It would be nice" for a fleeting moment. 

Food Cravings: Mac N' Cheeesssseeeee

Anything make you queasy or sick: No - I do think the heartburn is brought on by chocolate though....le sigh.

Have you started to show? Nope, most people can't even tell I'm pregnant.....teeheehee

Gender: Team Green  - my official guess is "girl" though

Symptoms: Some mild cramping here and there. Out of breath sooooo easily! Embarrassingly so.

I'm feeling baby hiccups almost every day! Chris feels movement all the time night, especially at night in bed before we go to sleep, that's the baby's most active time! 

Mood: Pretty good, getting excited! 

Kind of funny, I just read my 34 week BumpDate from my last pregnancy and I actually feel like I was in worse shape last time than I am this time around (besides the fact that I have 10 extra pounds on me right now at this stage -  not because I've gained more, but because I started out heavier). 

Symptoms I had at this point last time that I don't have now:  Dizzy spells, two intense charlie horses (I remember that, it was horrible) that left me in pain for days afterward, and intense itch all over my legs that I think ended up being an allergic reaction to cocoa butter, and had to sleep propped up in a weird way at night.

I also wrote that at this point last time I had 2 dreams that I was having a girl and 1 dream that I was having a boy. I can't recall any dream yet indicating a gender for the baby.

Looking forward to: My "Sprinkle" next weekend!!! Sooooo excited, it's getting close!! I am having a painting party at my house with Live Well, Paint Often, which is owned by a friend of mine. I can't wait to update you on the details of the day!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively - I live in the same clothes day after day.

Stretchmarks: No new ones that I've noticed and I also still don't have a linea negra at all! According to my 29 week bumpdate when I was pregnant with Natalie, I already had the start of a linea negra, but I don't even have a hint of one now - I wonder if I can get away with not getting it at all this time around!!??

Rings on or off? Both rings off - been off for while now. I miss them so :(

Bellybutton in or out? Still in, but getting close to popping out

Baby weighs about 5 pounds and measures 20 inches. The baby is primarily building up fat and fingernails having probably reached the tips of his fingers by now.

Read my 34 Week Bumpdate from my last pregnancy


  1. Chocolate kills me every time too and I miss my wine. A LOT!

    1. yea it really stinks but it's not stopping me from eating it! #ugh


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