Vlogging and other documentation

I'm struggling with my documentation methods these days. I used to be a great journaler. I used to write down evvvverything. When Chris and I started dating I wrote down every single text we'd send each other in a journal. That was back in the old days before smart phones, so I only had one side of the conversation to record!! LOL I have a whole journal full of "responses" from Chris but no idea what my side of the conversation was - can you believe, or even remember, that's how we used to text?? My mom recently shared journal entries with me from her pregnancy with my younger sister: she can tell you every details from each stage of her pregnancy with her. I obviously can say the same about my pregnancy with Natalie - but since having her, my documentation methods, which primarily were blogging, have really fallen by the wayside - yet these are the times I want to document the MOST. It's frustrating me to no end and I'm trying to figure out the best (and most time efficient) way to document and have it in a format that I'll actually WANT to easily look back on one day.

I'm already finding myself asking things like "Did Natalie do this when she was 7 weeks old?" "What age did I start this with Natalie?" "When did we introduce the swing?" "How long did she sleep through the night at this point?" It's been 2 years and I just can't remember half the things about her first few months of life - I know, who can? It's inevitable through the sleep deprivation and chaos that surrounds that time.

I commented to my mom what a good documenter she was to have all of that written down, and she noted that while she has her journal, I have more pictures and video to record my life right now than she ever did, and that that's the trade-off. Which is true. But when you have literally 1000 pictures a month, I worry: "What's the point?" What will I do with all these thousands of pictures. Will I sit down and click through them one by one years down the road? Will my kids? It would take hours to look through.

So I've been trying to be better about keeping up with making my digital scrapbooks (still working on my 2015 one!) and I would like to utilize more video in my life. I've mentioned Sam and Nia on here before - a family I'm only mildly "obsessed" with. I could never display my daily life in the way that they do (no hate, or judgement, on them for doing so) But I do find watching their videos incredibly fascinating. For one, they now have two kids the same age as Natalie and Christopher. I like to see what types of games they play, foods they eat, things they do with their kids because it gives me ideas. But I also just think that their videos will be such an amazing thing for them and their kids to look back on.

People ask me all the time what a typical day for me is like, so I'm trying to compile little snippets of our days here and there and record what a "typical" day or week consists of. I need to get much better at this, and I hope to make somewhat weekly video "vlogs". This is my first feeble attempt at a video update. There is much from our weekend I didn't capture at all, including a nice dinner night Saturday with our friends Chris and Corinne....but here it is:


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