Go! Go! Smart Friends® Twinkle the Magical Unicorn Review!


A few weeks ago, we received the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Twinkle the Magical Unicorn™! to review thanks to VTech!

"The Go! Go! Smart Friends® line has evolved with an enchanting new theme around princesses and kingdoms. Twinkle the Magical Unicorn™ will enchant kids as she walks, moves her head and flaps her wings with the push of a button. Children can place the included MagicPoint character on Twinkle’s MagicPoint® locations to trigger delightful responses, sounds, motion and lights while teaching cause and effect concepts, first words, letters and more. The Go! Go! Smart line playsets and characters are completely interactive and ready to fuel your child’s creativity!"

Natalie was really excited when I showed this to her. She recognized right away that this would work with the other Go! Go! Smart Friends toys she has and was eager to get them all together to play.

We already have the VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Learning Wheels School Bus, which has been a steady favorite since Natalie was about 10 months old! She also received the Go! Go! Smart Friends Cruise and Go Convertible with Kaylee last year for Christmas, so this was a great addition to our steadily growing Go! Go! Smart Friends collection. I love that they all move (the bus and car drive, the unicorn trots along) It makes playing with these toys that much more fun and interactive.

Natalie steadily returns to these toys and I think it's great that the friends are able to connect to all these different devices and work among all of them. It's so neat to keep adding to their world (and therefore, Natalie's imagination) as we go. The Unicorn trots along really well on hard surfaces (it does not work too well on the carpet). Natalie loves to run along with it and have her different "friends" ride on the unicorn's back, though Prisma is the princess that it comes with, so she obviously gets first riding dibs! ;) Natalie also loves to feed the unicorn the golden carrot it comes with, though it did take us a little bit of time to figure out that pushing down the unicorn's tongue activates it to pretend to eat it!
Like I said, we are big fans of VTech's Go! Go! Smart Friends toy-line and are so happy and thankful that we were able to add this one to our collection. I received the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Twinkle the Magical Unicorn™! for free to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Here's Natalie Playing with her new toy: (video here)


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