A Bedtime First

I've done the math before. I've sung "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" to Natalie at the very LEAST 3 times a day (probably more realistically about 8-10 times a day" every single day for the last two years. She calls this song "Wise Men Say" That's at the very least 2,00 times, but really, more realistically about 8,000 times in the past two years. That's her nap-time, bedtime, "I'm going to sleep now" song. Always has been, and I thought always will be. But on Thursday night I started to sing it and she said "no no mommy! I want to sing Dora!" And so, we sang three songs from "Dora in the City" before I said goodnight to her. She sang the Spanish words like they are nothing, while I tripped up on them every time. 

And just like that, a little tiny piece of her baby-life innocence is gone. The first of many I know....


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