Doing some backdating here - determined to keep a record of most days of the summer!

Friday June 16th: we spent the day of a cute play-space called "Good Day Play Cafe" in Bayside

On Saturday, 6/17, we had about 35 people at our home as we welcomed Natalie's entire Nursery School class and their families for an end of year party! It rained as people were arriving but the kids played in the rain and had an overall fabulous time, and I think the parents did too!

Chris and I were pooped after the party and had a lot to clean up so my parents took Natalie up to the festival for a few rides and of course, the balloon popping game which was her ultimate favorite:

Sunday 6/18 was Father's Day! We spent a relaxing day bbqing, playing in the pool, and going to the festival up the street from us at night. A super busy and super successful weekend!

First time on a ferris wheel for both kids!


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