Summer Vacay Day 4

The St. Greg's Festival is back in town!! Last year we spent almost every day at this 10 day Festival! It's a lot of fun, and such a great way to kick off summer. I couldn't believe it, but as soon as we arrived, Natalie grabbed my hand and started walking toward where the train ride, saying "I want to go ride the train" - she remembered it from last year! I was shocked!

A little parade in our neighborhood kicks off the festival. The neighbor girls, whom Natalie loves, walk in the parade because they play on the sports team for the school, so we kind of just join in with them and walk the parade too when it comes to our house! (It's a very low-key, parade...)  Natalie loves it, and I can guarantee that for the next few weeks every time we leave our house Natalie will ask if we can go march in a parade:

First up, ride the train:

Then the fire-trucks!

Then, what turned into a private lesson on dart throwing! This woman was incredible!!! She spent a solid 10 minutes at least showing Natalie exactly how to hold a dart, how to throw, she gave her so many chances, she really helped her a lot and Natalie probably popped about 4 balloons and earned herself a paw patrol ball! I am so grateful for this woman and her patience:

I thought Baby Christopher would fall asleep in his stroller but nope - this kid walked the entire length of the festival and then some. with his Oma and Grandma!

and got in some dancing with them to boot!

And of course, zeppoles

Can't wait for more St. Greg's fun and memories this year!


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