Bumpdate: Week 15

How Far Along: 15 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: an Apple - my favorite fruit!

Total weight gain:
3.6 pounds

I was up for two hours last Monday night and it put me off for the rest of the week. I never felt like I could gain those two hours back no matter what. Other than that...sleeping fine, just getting up once a night for bathroom breaks.

Best Moment of the week:
Taking Friday off to run errands and be at home with the hubby and puppy. Not pregnancy related, but a nice long weekend all together non-the-less.

Worst Moment of the week:
Meh, I had a couple of weird things this week. One day on my commute home my legs wouldn't stop shaking on the subway. I felt fine otherwise, but I couldn't get my legs to stop. On Wednesday I randomly got really sick when I got home from work. I ate fine that day, but something set me off. I was pretty much never not tired, I had a hard time getting up in the mornings, and I pretty much felt awful all day yesterday at work: tired, stomach ache, headache, dizziness. I'm looking forward to discussing all this with my doctor today.

Have you told Family and Friends:
Yes and Yes

Miss Anything:
I was at a party on Saturday night and they had this amazing-looking hero sandwich out for dinner. I wanted a piece soooo badly, but the one thing I'm being diligent about is cold-cuts and hot dogs. I took two bites of Chris's sandwich and had the rest of the options for dinner (which were homemade and really tasty anyway!)

Food Cravings:
Does food count? I just crave...food. Sweet tooth is back!

Anything make you queasy or sick:

Have you started to show?

Gender: Don't know

Really tired. I'm feeling more tired in the second trimester than I did in the first trimester

Walking, walking AND I ordered a prenatal work-out DVD, but haven't tried it yet. I will be attending a prenatal yoga class tonight! I'll let you know how it goes!

Generally good, but I had my first bout of "pregnancy hormones" on Sunday. I usually get emotional when I see live theater in general, and I always look forward to the Tony Awards every year. I watched it on Sunday and it was a fantastic show this year! I was already in tears by the opening number....but that's not really unusual for me. I carried on as usual, crying or tearing up through all the musical performances....but somewhere along the line, with about an hour left of the show, I just didn't stop...I pretty much cried through the entire last hour of the show and I'm not even really sure why. I just needed a cry.

Looking Forward to:
Our 16 week appointment today! We're going to our doctor's new state of the art facility that just opened up yesterday. They've been in a temporary office since a flood in their office last October.

Maternity Clothes:
I bought two pairs of maternity pants at Target on Saturday: a pair of jean capris and turquoise capris. They're a little big on me, but I figured it'll give me room to grow into them. I still need to find some black work pants.

The Art of Racing in the Rain, By Garth Stein. Not a pregnancy book, one I've wanted to read.

Though the babies eyes are still fused shut, it should have begun to sense light this past week. If you shine a flashlight at my stomach, the baby may move away from the light (though I wouldn't be able to feel it just yet)

Week 14
Week 13
Week 12
First Trimester

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  1. This is so exciting!!!!! Four months today! Let me know how the doctor appointment goes. Hope your fatigue diminishes and let me know what the doctor says about your shakey legs. If you stand in the sunlight and put your hand on your belly I think Little Italy should be able to see the shadow. <3!

  2. I hope the doctor appointment goes well and you're able to find out why you had those crazy symptoms! Also- that book you're reading-- soo good!

    1. Just started that book last night and I'm totally hooked! So good! The doctors appt was fine...very quick, just blood work and checking the heartbeat. All my symptoms are normal...of course....and everything looks fine!

  3. I can't believe you are already 4 months along!! I feel like this is flying by! Hope your appointment goes well today and that you find some more great clothes that you love! Have a great day!

    1. I know! Next month i'll be half way through the pregnancy already. All of a sudden i'm starting to feel "behind" on things. I haven't even begun to think about nursery and stuff! I've got my work cut out for me.

  4. I have these black dress pants from Old Navy and like them for when I want to be a bit more casual with flats. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=5860&vid=1&pid=545332002

    And my FAVORITE pair of maternity pants so far are these ankle skinnies. I like to pair them with heels and they're super cute. Bad news is that there are only size 16s and 18s left... NEITHER of us are THAT size! ;-) http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=5860&vid=1&pid=334955012

    Hope you start to feel better soon!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I need to head out to Old Navy this weekend and check out their stuff. What a bummer about those other pants being sold out in every size. They look like they are exactly what I am looking for! I suppose i could just eat a loooot and then get the size 16? Haha jk

  5. You are still just too cute. And I bought one nice pair of work pants from gap maternity online. They lasted well through two pregnancies! They are worth the price.

    1. good to know, I'll check it out!

  6. Hope the doc gave helpful news. Thanks for the update! You're the cutest pregnant lady everrrrr.

  7. We have the bellaband from isabel and ingrid to put in our bundles ! maybe one might help you to wear your old clothes a bit longer !

  8. I have had an insatiable hunger since 12 weeks. In the evenings after dinner, I just get so darn hungry! I've found that snacking in between meals has helped me with headaches, too! I have also been craving sweets :) Maybe you're having a girl, too :)


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