Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: Head of Lettuce

Total Weight Gain: 20.8 pounds....YIKES!

Sleep: Pretty good. I woke up on Sunday morning and had to pee so badly I couldn't even stand up straight. I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame as I made my way down the hallway to the bathroom. Just got the snoogle pregnancy pillow so hoping that will help me get comfortable while sleeping!

Best Moment of the week:
*Baby's first Pro-Football game! We attended the Giants vs. Jets Preseason game on Saturday.
 How cute is this onesie/cap/bib Giants set?!

*Having a fabulous weekend with my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting up from Pennsylvania and celebrating Chris' 28th Birthday - It's a big one: The year he will become a father! We lounged by his parent's pool all day while they were entertaining us and some of their friends. That night, after the Giants game, we came back over for grilled pizzas - HOLY MOLY!! It was amazzzzing.

*My Snoogle arrived!! Testing it out for the first time on Monday night...so will have to report back later.

Worst Moment of the Week: 
Ok there are a lot here this week so bear with me:
*That time I left 2 pounds of chicken out on the counter for 12 hours to thaw. I only meant to leave it out for 2 hours in the morning before work, and then put it in the fridge to thaw the rest of the way. I completely forgot about it and came home to gross, warm, raw chicken that had to be thrown out.

*That time 2 days later when I bought a yogurt at the grocery store because I thought it looked delicious, and then left it in my purse overnight. - This week, I plan on setting fire to two $20 bills in my backyard - It'll be an easier, less time-consuming way to waste money.

*That time Wednesday morning when I was stuck on the subway for an hour and ended up being 45 minutes late to work, and when my boss told me not to worry about it, I burst into tears in his office, and it took me the better part of an hour to calm myself back down.....That was great: aka worst morning EVER

*Having to pee reallly bad on the car ride home from the Giant's game and there being NOWHERE to go. That's the LAST time I listen to Chris: "We'll be home in half an hour you can make it!"

Miss Anything: Some clothes that I wish I could wear. At least next summer they'll feel like brand new clothes again (that is...if I can fit into them!)

Food Cravings: Kale. I've actually craved this quite a few times throughout pregnancy but didn't really recognize it as a pregnancy craving..but there is nothing I want more when I come home from work than a big, huge, kale salad. I freaking LOVE Kale. Also: PB&J which I still have not satisfied this craving, but I've been wanting one and OREOS or Cookies & Cream ice cream - preferably together.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show? Yes..I feel like even from last week, it looks like I'm carrying higher or have filled out on top more:

Gender: Team Green - taking everyone's gender predictions, most of them seem to be boy but I'm getting more and more guesses of a girl!

Very tired. I feel the tiredness from my first trimester coming back. I realllly wanted to take a nap at 10:30 today. I wanted to nap on the weekend but didn't have time. I honestly hope I get to nap each day we're in Miami. I just need to make time for some naps...

*Soooo much movement. Feel kicks every day. Chris has felt them several times now. I can see the kicks too, stronger and stronger by the day!

Workouts: Yoga and a little walking...that's it.

Mood: Last week, not so good - hence the crying in my boss's office episode. I just felt like no matter what, I couldn't catch up - The registry wasn't ready, or there were issues with it, the house was a mess, I had to pick a glider but couldn't, work was busy, I had no food in the house, etc. etc. I'm feeling better this week.

Looking forward to: I am entering my last week of the 2nd trimester...can you believe I am almost done with the first and second trimesters?!


I'm actually super stoked for Fall - For one it's my favorite season and I just feel like these last three months are super exciting as we countdown for our little one's arrival. September-November are going to be pretty exciting and it will only get better from there!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively

Stretchmarks: Yes, but I do feel like the BioOil is either helping, or preventing new ones from forming!

Rings on or off? Engagement Ring off, wedding band on

Bellybutton in or out? It is actually starting to hurt a little bit from being pushed..but still an inny!

This week I: 
* Met with a pediatrician near our house. I liked the woman a lot, she was very straightforward and very informative. The office seemed a little bit small, with narrow hallways, and a bit outdated. It was interesting meeting with her, but it did solidify that I'd like to meet with at least 2 more pediatricians before reaching a decision. Chris agreed on that as well.

*Signed up for a Baby Safe Class at our hospital for September.
Our Baby Safe class focuses on creating a safe home environment for baby and discusses crib and toy safety, safe sleep positions and SIDS prevention, water safety, baby-proofing the home, choking and fall prevention, home emergencies and basic first aid for bleeding, burns, fractures, shock and poisoning.

*I have also decided on taking the Lamaze class that is offered because they include a free breastfeeding class and tour of the hospital with it, so why not. I will be enrolling in those this week:

*Had my glucose test! My results will be in on Wednesday. I had to drink the infamous sugary drink on Monday morning and then they drew my blood an hour later. Honestly, I think people are kind of overdramatic about the taste of the drink. I was expecting it to taste awful and be this horrible, terrible experience and it really was extremely non-eventful. It didn't taste that bad, and I didn't feel sick from it. I did have a headache at one point but I think that was more from lack of food than anything (I couldn't eat anything the morning of my test)

*Researched restaurants and made dinner reservations for every night we're in Miami! Bring on the Cuban Food!

Reading: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Eyes are starting to open, weighs a full 2 pounds! and starting to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid!

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  1. Have a good time in Miami!! Hope the new pillow helps with the sleeping :)

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I hope so too!!

  2. Miami and the baby pillow will help your mood tremendously. LMAO over burning two $20 bills! I can't believe you have only 14 more weeks to go-but for you it's "14 MORE weeks to go! UGH!" ;-)

    1. yea I know..on one hand I'm like omg it's going so fast and on the other hand "HOOOOW many more weeks?!"

  3. I hope you have so much fun in Miami! I didn't think the glucose test was bad either. I had the clear drink and it tasted like flat sprite. I had a slight headache after the hour was up but I think it was just from all the sugar and not eating!

    1. Yea I agree, I think that's what my headache was from too. Huh..they didn't even offer the clear drink to me. Wonder how that compares to the orange one. Unfortunately - I found out today I failed my glucose test :( So...back for more blood work tomorrow :(

  4. Oh girl, I've done that whole chicken thing before too. It SUCKS!

    Have a fun time in Miami. I love it there!

    1. Ugh I was sooooo frustrated with myself!!! Thanks so much, I'm so excited to head down there for the weekend!

  5. Seems like time is flying by. I can't believe you are almost out of your second trimester!!! You do look higher this week. I may predict a boy?!?! Everyone seems to think I'm having a boy too but I have a feeling it may be a girl. Not knowing can be pretty exciting!!

    1. Yes it actually is very exciting, I agree! I'm totally embracing the team green thing and I never thought I would! Time certainly is flying :)

  6. I hope you guys have a great time in Miami! And you do look like you are carrying a lot higher than last week. And I am going to guess Girl, just to go against the grain, haha! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Love it...if it ends up being a girl I'll be like "HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!" Hope you're having a great week as well..mine is fine other than that whole "didn't pass the glucose test thing" ugggh

  7. Hahaha, you made me laugh out loud with the idea of burning money in the backyard. Yeah, I've totally done that with meat before too!!! Have a great time in Miami!!

    1. LOL Yea..I mean..why not?? It's essentially what I did last week...what a waste!! I know everyone's done it..pregnant or not..but still totally frustrating. Thanks so much, can't wait to share all about Miami next week!

  8. Happy belated birthday to Chris! I'm sorry you had a rough time last week but am glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping your trip to Miami will give you plenty of time to relax and unwind.

    1. Thanks Heather - Yea..I think this trip is coming at the perfect time for us. We have lots to discuss and figure out, plus hoping to get in some relaxing time in there and all. I'm def. looking forward to it!

  9. Pregnancy brain!!! LOL
    I'm glad you could down your glucola. When I had to do the glucose test I was still puking from anything and everything so there was no way I could have drank that stuff.
    You are looking so good and the baby looks like it's growing really well! Glad you guys had fun for Chris' birthday and stuff! Yay Giants!

    1. Oh that sounds so awful, it's so crazy how different everyone is at different stages of pregnancy. And i'm sure my pregnancies after this will all be completely different too. Thank you thank you :) The baby def. is growing well and fast!! I'm hoping I don't have a 10 pound baby when all is said and done!

  10. That glucose drink test was not one of the best parts of the pregnancy!! And way to go.. I could not get motivated to work out at all at this point!!

  11. I didn't think that drink was bad at ALL either! Maybe we got a good brand or something, but when I drank it I was like, I've had worse and the nurses laughed at me. I was team green, too. Everyone thought boy except me, lol, and I was wrong. He was a boy =]

    1. Hahah so much for mother's intuition! I will laugh if it ends up being a girl - cause everyone is like "a mother knows..a mother knows" but really...a mother has a 50/50 shot of getting it right!

  12. You look so cute in that jersey!! You look awesome! I hope you have a much better week this week!!

    1. Thanks Dear:) I was so happy that it fit me and I could still wear it! Can't wait to get my little one its own Giants Jersey soon!


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