Fall Swap Goodies

Back in September, I co-hosted a Fall Swap with some other lovely bloggers: Megan from Elliot Wife, Elliot Life, K from Down at Fraggle Rock, and Britt from First Comes Love! The idea was to get paired with some other bloggers and followers, and send some of our favorite Fall Goodies to our partner as a way to meet knew people and get pumped for Fall.

I was paired with Nicole from The Countdown to October 2014. Nicole is a fellow Long Island bride, getting married at the beautiful Chateau Briand next Fall! I know how much I enjoyed blogging my way through our wedding planning, and can't wait to follow along with Nicole as she counts down to her big day next year!

Nicole sent me the sweetest package of Fall goodies!

In it was a Starbucks gift card, which is always something I can use, an adorable Winnie the Pooh mug, comfy and fluffy turquoise socks which are currently packed in my hospital bag, and a pumpkin scented air freshener, which now resides in my car!
To top it all off, Nicole included this adorable coat for our impending bundle of joy! This 18 month jacket should be the perfect size to use for the baby next Fall through Spring! I can't wait to dress our baby in this adorable coat, and it was so thoughtful of Nicole to think of the baby, too.

Thanks so much to Nicole for being the perfect Fall Swap Partner, and for all my wonderful gifts. Be sure to head on over to Nicole's blog to see the things that I sent to her. I had a fun time shopping for this Long Island bride!

Have a great weekend! I hope to finally catch up on my blog reading this weekend! I've had such a busy week! Make sure you link up below!


  1. What a cool idea. I loooovvvee that coat. It's so grown up yet not. It's adorable. I would like to borrow the Starbucks gift card for a short while next time we visit (haha). Happy Fall!

  2. I love your goodies! I'm so bummed. I haven't even gotten my swap package yet. :( Hopefully soon.

  3. Haha love your mom's comment! The Starbucks was a no brainer, especially with the leaves on the card. I figured there are plenty of non coffee options, or you could wait until baby is born, lol. I wish I had gotten more! I kept worrying different things would be bad for the baby. But I'm glad you liked.

  4. What great goodies!! I absolutely love that she included your 'bundle of joy' with that adorable coat!!! Enjoy that starbucks gift card, those comfy socks & that awesome mug!!! Such cute items.

    <3, Amy

  5. I had so much fun participating in this swap! You definitely got a great collection of things, and that coat is so cute!

  6. Thanks again for your help with hosting this swap! And you got some great things. I definitely love the coat for the baby! Such a thoughtful thing! Glad you enjoyed your package!


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