Natalie's Baptism: The Party!

This week, I've recapped Natalie's Christening Gown, her full Christening-Day Look, and the Church Service. Now, we're onto the party! We held the luncheon at Benny's Ristorante in Westbury, NY. I am so happy with our decision to hold it here and I think it was a really great place which provided the whole package for us: fabulous food, drink, service, and ambiance.

My sister, Melissa, is Natalie's Godmother. Melissa is getting married in October, so I figured it was the perfect way to incorporate a gift for the baptism with something that she'll need now that she'll be a married lady, like a ring dish! I ordered this personalized earthenware clay ring dish from Momology Pottery on Etsy.

Natalie's Godfather, is Chris's Brother, her Uncle Michael. I ordered Michael's "Godfather" cufflinks from Cufflinks 4 Him on Etsy.

The cookie favors were homemade by Jill Cramer, who is a family friend of my good friend Molly. Molly had these cookies at her wedding a few years ago and I loved them. Molly set up everything to have them made again for me, she even went over to Jill's house to help her make them, and then Molly and her mom packaged and stickered every single one for me! I am so grateful to have Molly as such a good friend who helped me out tremendously with this!

I ordered the label for the cookie favors from My Sweet Little Angel on Etsy.  Printing these was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated but I have to say Sophia, the shop owner, was AMAAAAZING. She didn't rest until I had these printed right, she helped me tons, and always checked in on me to see how it was going. I would definitely order from her again just because of the customer service.

Speaking of good, talented friends, my friend Kerry who owns Daisy Fay Floral, did boutonnieres and corsages for me, Chris, and the Godparents for the day. She did a beautiful job! Natalie really enjoyed pulling at the flowers during the ceremony, which was comical, but they were very pretty and I was so happy to have a little something special to distinguish the important people of the day (apart from Natalie of course)

We got the cake from Jeanie's Bakery, which is where our wedding cake came from. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed in it. The vanilla cake had a hint of lemon to it, and I can't stand when dessert has lemon in it. The whole thing just didn't do it for, I'm going to be looking for a new local bakery to use from now on. At least it looked nice!

The party was great fun! We were surrounded by so many important people in our lives, and it was so wonderful to "officially" introduce Natalie as the newest addition to our lives!
She was exhausted by the end of the day, she took a short nap on my shoulder, but was awake and smiley the whole way home! I think she was excited to be going home to bed!


  1. OMG! Natalie's face when you and Chris and Melissa and Michael are posing by the cake! LOL! She wants to DIVE into that cake head first. Ohhhhh....she's going to be so much fun with her cake at her first birthday! HaHaHa! Beautiful pictures of her baptism reception. It really was such a well planned, exciting, wonderful event. I've so enjoyed reminiscing this week.

  2. Great pictures! I love everything. When in October is your sister getting married?

    1. Hey Nicole! My sister's wedding is October 4 in Pennsylvania!

  3. Wonderful party and great work on the godmother/godfather gifts! Such a sweet touch!


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