Melissa and John's Wedding - Part 2

I posted back in October about my sister's country wedding on October 4, 2014. You can read part one here. Now on to part #2!! After the ceremony, we took a lot of pictures during cocktail hour. Natalie would NOT keep her boots, socks, or her headband on....of course. Oh well, she still looked cute :)
The reception started, the bridal party was introduced, and John and Melissa shared their first dance:
Melissa and John often go country line dancing with their friends. So there were a lot of line dances at the reception and it was so cool. I had learned a few of them prior to the wedding, but I mostly watched!
John danced with his Aunt Karen:

Melissa danced with our dad:

My dad's birthday was 2 days before the wedding, so my sister surprised my dad with his own special Birthday Cake!! I thought this was so sweet because my dad's birthday was overshadowed by my baby shower last year, and now by Melissa's wedding this year, so he deserved a little something special!

During dinner Natalie kept busy playing with spoons, toys, and of course, my iphone, before she fell asleep in the stroller for 95% of the wedding (she woke up during one particularly loud line dance)
Then it was time for Melissa and John to cut their wedding cake!

I cannot stress enough how amazing our newly purchased "selfie stick" was at the wedding. I had people I had never met before come up to me and ask if they could either take a selfie with me, or borrow my selfie stick for a few minutes. The selfie stick was the life of the party, and everyone wanted to use it. I think selfie stick sales on amazon probably went up the Monday after the wedding - I really should get some sort of commission...
The bouquet was tossed, the garter was tossed, and Melissa's friend Charlene and her boyfriend happened to each catch the bouquet and the garter which was perfect!
All in all it was a really fun, fabulous night and I am so happy for my beautiful sister and new brother-in-law!!


  1. Love your sister's dress. It's beautiful. Looks like everyone had a great time!!!

    1. Thank you! I LOVED her dress too- the lace, the back, the fit, just everything! Sigh- wish I could get married again....(to the same person of course, lol)

  2. I love weddings so much. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I do too- weddings are just the best. Brings me back to my own wedding and how much fun it was!

  3. Looks like a great time! I love that she presented a special cake to your dad in honor of his birthday. I'm also curious to know what Natalie does on your phone, since I've seen some other little kids playing with their parents phones on the train. One of them who looked to be about 1 or 2 was already playing a game that involved moving fruit icons into baskets. It's so interesting to me how kids today learn to use technology at such young ages.

    1. Yes, the iphone/baby thing is very interesting and something I always debate and go back and forth between. Natalie LOVES these Fisher Price apps that I downloaded - they sing the songs Itsy Bitsy Spider and One Two Buckle My Shoe - and you touch the screen to go onto the next phrase. Then another app goes through the animals and each sound they make, counting, ABC's and shapes, They're really cute and obviously educational which is why I justify them. Sometimes though, the amount of obsession she has over my phone is sad. She'll be sitting among a room full of toys but zone in on my phone and want to play with the apps. Who knows - maybe she'll be a famous app developer and make millions when she's older?!


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