Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Holy Hannah, the last month of teething has been a doozy. Natalie got her first two front teeth (one on top and one on the bottom) with little to no irritability. I thought "wow! this teething thing is a breeze! Maybe I'll have one of those super babies that doesn't even notice or care that her teeth are coming in!"

But something happened as the third tooth came in. We had a particularly bad Saturday night where she woke up around 11:00 am and would not. go. back. to. sleep. I think this was an unfortunate bad timing chain of events as I had just so happened to have a small cappuccino that night after she went to bed. In addition to that, I ordered a decaf coffee out with a friend and I'm pretty sure it wasn't decaf. So when Natalie woke up at 11 and I nursed her immediately - I'm pretty sure the caffeine got to her because I NEVER drank coffee during my pregnancy or after. It wasn't until 3am when she was still buzzing around the room not even acting tired that it kind of dawned on me that it might not have fully been teething that was the issue. Chris and I finally gave her a bath at 3, and then I nursed her to sleep around 3:30 and then I was able to go to bed for the first time that night at 4.

I've always been someone who's very resistant to medicine for myself and that's how I am with Natalie. I've given her tylenol maybe 5 times in the past year, and I've tried oraljel maybe twice. But when she had a bad night of sleep the next night, I finally broke down and bought Hyland's teething tablets. I don't know if she was just so unbelievably exhausted from bad sleep the previous two nights, or if they were amazing, but things definitely got easier from there.

For the past 4 weeks, Natalie went from waking up once a night and going right back to sleep, to waking up 2-3 times a night and not going right back to sleep.

I was worried about the belladonna, but I consulted two pharmacists and they said not to worry about it.

I would take a newborn baby night any day over the night we had on Saturday. Finally at 3:00am after hours of screaming, we gave her a bath. I nursed her for the 20th time that night and we both fell asleep for a few hours in the glider in the nursery. I think we both got 4 hours of sleep.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Melissa and John's Wedding - Part 1

My sister's wedding was on October 4, and it was breathtaking, beautiful, and perfect in every way. It was a day that started out rainy, and by noon the sun started to come out and it ended up being the most perfect weather by the time the ceremony began!

However, being in a wedding with a baby is a WHOLE other ball-game. My dress was not conducive to nursing, Natalie didn't get a great nap in during the day, all she wanted to do when I held her was pull out my earrings or suck on my hair which had about 10 pounds of hairspray in it. Melissa was a fantastic Maid-of-Honor for me in my wedding, but I really feel like I wasn't even remotely the type of Matron-of-Honor that I wanted to be for my sister. Thank goodness for her friend, Karen, who helped out tremendously with Natalie, used my camera to take some great pictures when my hands were full, and picked up my slack in a lot of areas. 
Karen reading to Natalie while I took some pictures
Getting Natalie to pose for pictures was also hard, this was the best we could do:


One of the coolest aspects of the wedding was the 1 hour horse-drawn carriage ride we took from my parent's house to the venue. It was such a serene drive, and really calmed us all down from the craziness of getting ready all day.
It was a beautiful drive
Woods Photography
We had some time before the ceremony started so the bridesmaids got busy taking a bunch of ga-ga-gorgeous photos!

We pulled up to the ceremony
Woods Photography
Chris pulled Natalie down the aisle in a radio-flyer wagon that also carried the rings. She was adorable...of course :)

And the festivities begin!! More tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mason J.A.R. Apparel Winner

Congratulations to Jen, the winner of the Mason J.A.R. Apparel Onesie giveaway! Jen won with her comment:

This was a great giveaway, thank you Jessica for offering it to my readers!

Remember, if you didn't win but still want to place an order with Mason J.A.R. Apparel, visit their website and enter promo code LMBM at checkout to receive 10% off your order!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just keep swimming....

A wedding, a week in Pennsylvania with my parents, visits with tons of friends and new baby friends, first birthday party planning, and a mounting pile of house renovation decisions to make: I can't seem to keep my head above water these days! 

My sister's wedding was unbelievably gorgeous and spectacular, I can't wait to share the day with you.

Natalie waa great, but attending/being in a wedding with a baby is totally different than attending sans baby - and though I love her, I'd much prefer to leave her at home in the future - mama's gotta dance! Luckily, my MIL watched her for most of the reception. (THANKS JUDY!) Our only challenges were nursing in a dress that is NOT conducive to nursing, and one particularly loud line dance that woke her from her slumber. Other than her saying "mamamamamamama" throughout most of the ceremony (more cute than anything), she was a doll!!!

know I owe you a winner for the Mason J.A.R. apparel onesie giveaway! I will be picking one today and will announce tomorrow! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House Renovation Update!

As I've mentioned before, we are in the process of adding on a addition and renovating a house in our current neighborhood. Though this originally was supposed to be done in August, construction didn't actually begin until know...typical setbacks and permit requirements. But I am happy to say that our addition/renovation is up and running and moving along QUICKLY!!

It's amazing how quickly things are happening. Before we knew it, the hole for the addition was dug, the foundation was set, and framing of the new part of the house began!

This picture was taken from my In-Laws back yard. Yep, that IS how close we will be to them! That might sound crazy to some, but luckily my In-laws are really cool, and I'm looking forward to sending the kids out the back door to Oma's and Papa's when I need some help.

 New upstairs hallway (Left) master bedroom/bathroom (top right), and downstairs, new family room and kitchen (bottom right).

The house is projected to be done sometime end of November/early December, and I'll keep you posted as things move along. It's so crazy to think that in a few short (or long) months, we'll be living in our new house. It's also so weird that Natalie will never remember our current house that we've lived in for 3 1/2 years, and where we spent the first year of Natalie's life, (not to mention, the house where Chris has lived since he was about 5 years old!)

I can't wait to turn our new house into our "home"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Giveaway: Mason J.A.R. Apparel Onesie

In Allentown, Pennsylvania there is this amazingly cute children's clothing boutique, called Milk and Honey Kids. My mom frequently shops there now that she is a Grandmother who likes to spoil her Granddaughter. She's gotten Natalie some of the cutest outfits there, and they've become staples of Natalie's wardrobe.

These rompers have become two of my favorites:

Natalie also has three Mason J.A.R. Apparel onesies that my mom purchased from the boutique. I love these! They're great for both day and nighttime, and super comfortable - Natalie told me so. ;) I love that they're made from organic cotton, and I love that these particular ones are sized from 6-12 months (though they come in all different sizes, and in short-sleeved or long-sleeves). I feel like these have fit her for a LONG time - longer than a lot of her other clothing which seem to have a 3-month shelf life!

Each design is hand block printed (which gives a very unique look with each piece). There are a lot of different designs to choose from: elephant, owl, turtle, strawberry, or butterfly, just to name a few. On the back of each onesie is a little mason jar logo, which adds a subtle uniqueness to these that I love! How cute is that?!

I looove putting Natalie in these onesies. They're adorable for daytime, but I feel especially comforted putting them on her to sleep, because of the organic cotton!

My mom met Jessica Ann Russell (JAR), the owner of Mason J.A.R. apparel when she was in the store, and I was extremely touched by the story of how her company came to be. I asked her to share her story with me:
"In 2011 I started Mason J.A.R. Apparel. My own home based business. A dream inspired by my son Mason and my love for fashion and art. The name derived from my son's and an acronym for my own. Hand-printed in Bethlehem, PA.

Mason J.A.R. Apparel creates unique artwork on comfortable organic children's clothes. It's imagery and color palette is influenced by natures own playful images and cultures across the four corners of the earth. When I'm not chasing Mason I am working on developing new designs in my studio.

Art has played a huge role in developing me into the person I am today. I learned block printing when I was just a child, from my father and fellow artist. Over the years I have worked for a variety of print studios, before and after college.

I attended both the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts where I majored in textile design and children's book illustration. After working for years doing visual merchandising I have returned to what I love.

Mason J.A.R. Apparel is dedicated to providing a product that inspires and exposes our littlest of humans to art responsibly. I hope you love our wearable art pieces as much as I love creating them." - Jessica Ann Russel (J.A.R.)

As if that wasn't enough, the gift-packaging option for these puts the cuteness/uniqueness factor over the edge. The gift-package option arrives with the onesie inside a mason jar, and wrapped with twine with the company card. Simply unbelievable. These are the perfect gift for baby showers or the new baby in your life.

Want to win your very own Mason J.A.R. Apparel gift-wrapped, organic cotton onesie for the little one in your life? Enter the giveaway below and one could be yours! Check out today and pick out your favorite design, then leave me a comment below! There are also multiple other ways to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't want to wait till the giveaway ends on October 12? Mason J.A.R. Apparel is running a special discount just for my readers! Enter promo code: LMBM at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but rather borrow it from our children".     -aboriginal proverb (Jessica sent this quote to me and I just had to share it.)

Good Luck!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Happy FRIDAY! I must say, it was good to be back to the old blog this week.
Thank you for continuing to follow along, even though I sometimes flake out! 

I don't want to brag - but I have a pretty amazing giveaway coming up on Monday! 
You won't want to miss it. I think it's the perfect giveaway to get me back into the groove and thank my wonderful readers for sticking with me. 
That's enough suspense. For now, have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Natalie Claire: 10 Months

Name: Natalie Claire

Weight: 20 pounds

Height: 28 inches

Health: Super Healthy, no health problems or concerns.

Sleep: Waking up once a night, anywhere between 4 and 6. For awhile there she was getting up at 6 and not going back to sleep, but for the most part, she will sleep 10-12 hours with one wake-up for a quick feeding. The good thing is, I can get up, change her diaper, feed her and get her back to sleep within 15 minutes now! Teething has not been too much of a problem with sleeping. She did wake up randomly two nights this week at 10pm and 3am, but I haven't had any problem with nursing her back to sleep. I've been very happy and proud that I haven't had to give her any medicine during this teething process. My basic motto when it comes to pain meds right now for her is "no meds during the day, and tylenol at night only if nursing isn't working." I've given her tylenol 3 times since she's been born, and honestly - I regret giving it to her each time, because I don't think she really needed it at all. I think I just couldn't figure out why she was crying so I tried that - and knocking her out with meds because I don't know what's wrong, is not really acceptable to me.

Social: Gymboree is sooooo different now. Natalie jumps to be the first to do any of the activities at Gymboree. I have to physically restrain her to let the other kids go first sometimes. She's super eager, into everything, and all over the place. She likes to try and touch the faces of the other babies there. She's starting to get shy with strangers - she'll smile and then bury her head in my shoulder when she meets someone new.

Diet: Still Exclusively Breast Fed with some meals thrown in there each day. Even with the meals, she's still nursing every 2-3 hours, but nursing sessions are seriously about 5-8 minutes total now, so it's nothing to quick sit down and feed her. She's eating more and more foods and I've been moving more and more to whole pieces of food rather than the purees. I kind of switch back and forth between the two. For someone with no teeth until a few days ago, she handled these foods pretty well! As for the teething situation - I'm not experiencing any pain yet with nursing, but I do feel like she is dangerously walking that line between it not hurting and hurting - I'm definitely a little more braced for potential pain when I nurse now. I so hope I don't have any issues with breastfeeding and teething. I have two more months until my goal of one year...if I can just get to there then I'll asses how much longer I plan to nurse.

Likes: Getting into trouble, being chased, walks, being outside, eating, taking all the books off of her bookshelf, taking a bath.

Dislikes: Anyone trying to look in her mouth, shots (who doesn't?), headbands don't really stay on her anymore also, greek yogurt (we're working on this one!)

There are a ridiculous amount of milestones since my last update in June. In the last 2-3 months Natalie has started:
*Cruising around the furniture
* She says "mamamamamamama" quite often...still working on "dada"
*She eats just about anything now: most fruits and veggies, quinoa, chicken, graham crackers, cheerios. She feeds herself and mostly prefers that to being spoon fed. 
*Two teeth popped through in the past two weeks (and the next two are close behind)
* She just started purposely waving this week
* She prefers not to be caged, so we just have certain barriers placed around our living room. She will find the weakest link in any barrier and will always, always, break free of where she is supposed to be - you can almost literally see the wheels turning in her head she tries to figure it out. Case in point: