Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 Weeks! I think this week I can officially say my stomach "popped. " I am PREG.nant.

Baby is the size of: Sweet Potato

Total weight gain:
10 pounds!! Yikes!

Sleeping very well. I fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes! And, I can't stay awake on the subway in the mornings!

Best Moment of the week:
A lot!
*Getting a Wagner College onesie in the mail for the baby! We won this through a twitter contest we entered featuring Zoey reading our Alumni Newsletter.

*Feeling those first "flutters" of movement a few times this week. I felt them very strongly on Saturday night. But still no "that was a kick" or "that was definitely a hand punching me" just these weird flutters.

*Walking tall and proud to the grocery store on Saturday showing off my belly. I definitely have the pregnant belly now.

Worst Moment of the week:

Trying to dress myself...on any given day. Each day my wardrobe options get a little bit smaller and smaller. I had a brief moment of panic when I realize how much I had grown in just one week and worried that if I now continue at this rate...I'm going to be a whale by the time this is done. Look at the difference from just last week!

Miss Anything: We went to an awesome restaurant on Saturday that is known for their mussels. I didn't order them though, cause they're on the "no eat" list, but look forward to going back there after my pregnancy to try the mussel pots!

Food Cravings:
Still just fruit and cheese I guess.

Anything make you queasy or sick:
Nah, but I did walk behind a garbage truck the other day and the smell was absolutely horrrrrible. But that smell would have bothered anyone.

Have you started to show?
Yes, I was even offered a seat on the subway! Like I said before, I certainly "popped" this week!

Gender: Team Green! My friend Christina and I finally did the Wedding Ring Gender Test over my stomach on Saturday and the result was clear as day: A Boy!

I have a headache pretty much every day. It didn't even dawn on me that it was pregnancy related until I read about pregnancy headaches, and realized that I do fit the daily headache symptoms to a tee. So, I have one every day until about 2:00pm.

I've had a few instances of heartburn now. I had it twice this week.

Ummmm....I plead the fifth. ;)


Looking Forward to:
One more week until our big ultrasound!!

Maternity Clothes:
Yes, I no longer fit into any of my pants. I have two pairs of maternity pants that I hope will carry me through to the end. I did make my own belly band by cutting off the top of an old pair of leggings! That has allowed me to wear my pants a little bit longer.

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes

Did you know I've been pregnant 133 days now? Crazy huh? Baby's blood vessels are visible through the skin. The ears are in their final position, gender should be clear by now on an ultrasound.

Stretchmarks?: Yes :( Using the cocoa butter, but not sure if it's helping.

Rings on or off? For the most part...still on, but on those really hot and humid days, it can be touch and go.

This week I:
Started to research pediatricians in our area and set up consultation appointments. Started work on registering, though not nearly close to being done or ready there.

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  1. You look fantastic!!! OMG my heartburn is killer!!! I can't fit into much and I'm really not like the belly band thing. Its uncomfortable in my opinion. I do love the long maternity shirts I picked up at Target!

    1. Thanks Lady, congrats to you!!!! I need to go get some new shirts at Target or Old Navy this weekend, I hope I can get out there. My heartburn is random and not too severe...but I"m sure it will only get worse.

  2. You look gorgeous- I love the pictures and it's so crazy what a difference 1 week can make. Love that onesie, too! Great way to show some spirit :)

    1. It's crazzzy what a week can make, it kind of makes me realllly nervous actually! I can't wait for our little one to show their Wagner Pride!

  3. You look so cute!! I loved when I first popped and it didn't just look like I'd eaten a huge lunch. Even now that I'm showing for real, the size of the belly comes and goes. My husband jokes that the baby shrunk on certain days :) I feel your pain on the headaches. Hopefully those go away!

    1. Yea, I like it too...I was def. walking tall showing it off on Saturday. Interesting about your belly fluctuating. I find that depending on what I'm wearing it can totally go either way. I always assumed I'd want to wear big flowing things...but that just makes me look big, I prefer some tummy hugging outfits now!

  4. Wow! You sure did bump in one week! So cool! Love the Wagner onesie for Little Italy.

  5. I'm so happy we were there to see the bump!!! <3 Kenny and I have noooo problem coming back up for some mussels after Baby Duni makes his (??) appearance!!!!

    1. So glad you were here too! Can't wait to go back for some of those mussels!!

  6. Yay for your little bump! You look great!

  7. Oh wow you did pop! Team green huh? well from looking at your belly I might say a boy to but my bumped changed shapes during pregnancy...haha

    1. I def. feel like it's a boy!! Only time will tell though!

  8. Aw yay for 18 weeks! It's so fun to feel those first little movements... They become more consistent and stronger and soon you won't remember what it was like to NOT feel them! :) Excited to hear about this BIG ultrasound!!!

    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  9. You look great :) congrats on the baby boy on the way !! that is great there are still nice enough people to give you their seat lol

  10. Ahh...I can't wait to feel our little nugget!! Looking fab...and your 10 lbs makes me feel bad. I have gained 11 and am 15 weeks today! Ha!

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  12. I finally popped at 18 weeks too! It's so fun and so crazy to finally have a bump, isn't it? Thanks for linking up! :)

  13. You look great Laura! Can't believe you are already at 18 weeks! Crazy!


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