Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 Weeks! Officially in the third trimester!

Baby is the size of: Eggplant

Total Weight Gain: 24 pounds!

Sleep: Pretty good, loving my snoogle and bringing it with me to our hotel in Salem, Massachusetts this weekend!

Best Moment of the week:
*Chris was talking to my stomach the other night and the baby was kicking the whole time. I also had just eaten dinner, but still...it was pretty neat :)

*That time at a friend's wedding on Sunday night where there was a full dessert bar, ice cream sundae station AND a bonfire for making smores! Score! I've officially given up on resisting cravings and food. Maybe that's bad...but oh well.

Worst Moment of the Week: 
*But to counter the above statement: That time I overate at a restaurant on Saturday night and was more uncomfortable than I've been so far throughout this entire pregnancy. I kept walking around the restaurant to try and walk it off (we were the only ones there). I'm sure the wait staff was chuckling in the back about "That woman who was gonna pop any second." The thing is - I didn't even eat that much! My stomach doesn't have as much room anymore now that the baby is taking up some prime real estate, so I have to get used to that! When we got home, Chris suggested we go on a walk with the pup, Zoey, so at 10:30pm, we set out for a mile walk! I felt much better, and I also did some yoga moves which helped. I then instantly passed out into a food coma that night.

*Missing my train again last tuesday which translates to missing yoga :( thats two weeks in a row and I realllly feel the need to stretch! I'm stretching at home, but its not the same as the class.

Miss Anything: Now that it's Fall, I really want some hard cider and some of my favorite spiced wines that I've recently discovered...oh well.

Food Cravings: Dark chocolate!

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show? No, not really....

Gender: Team Green 

Symptoms: Some heartburn, back-aches, very hard to shave my legs! 

Workouts: I had my best week of walking in over two months, according to my "moves" app! Had a couple days where I walked well over 10,000 steps!

*Incredibly overwhelmed. I'm feeling totally on top of things....but I'm treading water and just keeping my head above it. There is no stopping. We have a LOT to still accomplish, and figure out in the next two months.

*Well, there was that time at a friend's wedding on Sunday when she danced with her dad to Butterfly Kisses and I bawled through the entire thing. As soon as I heard the first few notes and realized what song it was, I turned to Chris and said "I'm not gonna make it through this..." 

Looking forward to: Our "Baby Safe" Class this coming Thursday! I can't wait to share all about the class next week!

Our friend's wedding in Salem, Mass. this weekend!

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Stretchmarks: Yes, but as I said before, I think BioOil is working pretty well.

Rings on or off? Engagement Ring off, wedding band on

Bellybutton in or out? Still in!

This week I: 
*Officially Officially decided on a crib and recliner/glider for the nursery!
crib and glider

*Not baby related but after a 2 1/2 year search, Chris and I finally bought our very own couch set for our living room! (we've been using his parent's old set since we moved into the house!)

*Signed up for Lamaze Class (for both of us) and a Breastfeeding Class (for me) at our hospital for November 2nd and 5th!

*Ordered my breast-pump through my insurance.

*Met with a second potential pediatrician's office - we still plan to visit one or two more before reaching a decision.

Reading: The Rise of Enlightened Sexism - recommended to me by Kate (Sweet Tea off the G...Check out her amazing home renovation blog!!)
The baby can blink its eyes and has lashes. It has started to add body fat (what a coincidence...me too!) in preparation for life in the outside world! It is starting to take practice breaths, may start hiccuping, coughing and sucking! It's sleep includes the REM phase which means it could be dreaming - what on earth would it be dreaming about?!


  1. Yum a smores bat would be amazing!!! I've been craving candy lately and cannot get enough, I'm 7 weeks behind you at 21 weeks!

    1. oh yes the smores WERE amazing!! Good luck that's so exciting..when is your due date?!

  2. Your posts are just hilarious. Sorry your stomach has been taken over by your bump. It gets worse. By the end you just eat two bites of soup and a cracker and your full, have heartburn and your starving 15 minutes later! Congrats on the furniture milestones and I'll be sure to pick up some apple cider for you. <3

    1. can you make it hard cider? hahah oh yes can't wait to get some good cider from PA soon!

  3. I love the furniture you picked out! And sorry about your stomach hurting so much! I hope you make your Yoga class tonight!

    1. Thanks..I made it to yoga and it was AMAZZZZZING to be back. Holy cow, I freaking love prenatal yoga, the stretches feel so good when everything else just feels compressed and expanded at the same time, haha.

  4. Awe I love that baby was so active when Daddy was talking to him/her! SO cute. I am with ya on candy!! Cider sounds delicious now!!

    1. It was really cute, it was finally a moment where the baby didn't STOP kicking the second he put his hand on my stomach like usual. Oh my goodness I MUST get my hands on some cider soon...I just love it this time of year!

  5. Thanks for the shout out!

    I am excited about your baby safe class post because I think it will help me keep my boyfriend safe.


    I would also like more info about the couch and glider.

    1. LOL Oh yes, I'm sure I will have lots of insight to help you with Nick. I'll share more about our purchases when we finally get them in (8-12 weeks!!)

  6. The glider and crib are gorgeous. It's crazy to think that baby is dreaming....

    1. Thanks! I'm excited by our choices and can't wait to actually get them in the house!! I have to wait like 8 more weeks - cutting it close!

  7. Whoa look at that bump...oh my getting so close!!! Lamaze/birthing class is a must...we learned soooo much. It also freaked us out a bit....but we felt more prepared after that class.


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