Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks! 10 more weeks to go!

Baby is the size of: Cabbage

Total Weight Gain: 25.8 pounds

Sleep: Actually really really well this week. I've been out like a light each night, and feeling sooo comfortable wrapped up in my snoogle. I do sort of miss cuddling with my husband though...or like..even being on the same side of the bed as him - this pillow is literally the size of an entire person. I finally switched it to the outside of the bed instead of in-between us though, and that is working out much better!

Best Moment of the week:
Our sonogram!!!! The baby weighs 3.5 pounds which is in the 54th percentile. As I like to say: My baby is already just like its mom on a regular basis - always weighing just slightly over what it should, LOL.
We were very surprised to get four 3D sonogram pictures as well. I had no intention of getting these as I always heard they weren't covered by insurance and you generally had to pay extra for them. Plus, I just prefer the 2D sonograms more. I know it's a beautiful thing yadda yadda yadda...but I can't get into the 3D sonogram pictures, honestly, they freak me out. So I will NOT be sharing those, but we have them as a nice keepsake.

*The doctor confirmed for me that I am indeed feeling the baby when s/he hiccups. I always feel it in the lower left side of my stomach, which is where she said the head is right now...right where I feel those little hiccup pulses every so often!

*Our crib is officially ordered (a special gift from Chris's grandma) and in stock! We can arrange delivery at any time!
* I went to see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in concert at Adelphi University on Friday night with a friend and her mom. Adam and Anthony were the original stars of Rent on Broadway, and also the movie and I've seen them both in several Broadway shows through the years. I am a self-professed Musical Theater nerd and it had been FAR too long since I'd attended a good old fashioned Broadway-style event. This concert just filled me with so much contentment, love for musical theater, and happiness. Even better: The baby was moving around lots during most of the concert so I think s/he liked it too!
Worst Moment of the Week:
* Two things upset me at my appointment. The fact that epidurals were not patient-controlled at my hospital, and that they do not participate in any cord-blood donation services, so you either bank it, or nothing.

I was really uncomfortable on Sunday night. I got a really bad stomach something (a cramp? some sort of shooting pain?) that lasted maybe 5 minutes and I had to really sit down and focus on my breathing before it went away. I got it when I stood up from off the floor, so I think I just aggravated something or go up too quickly. It was only on the right side of my belly and didn't feel like actual cramps. Then I was having pretty bad back pain sitting on the couch. I finally got up and did some stretching and yoga and it went away. Nothing feels better than stretching these days.

Miss Anything:
Shaving - or shaving easily at least.

Food Cravings:
Just giving into my chocolate cravings more :)

Anything make you queasy or sick:

Have you started to show?
When I saw my doctor she asked me if I had any questions. I said "Yes, um...I have ten more weeks and I feel like I look like I'm going to deliver tomorrow...where does this go from here?!" Her response: "Out." Seems to be heading further "out" week by week now!

Team Green and we didn't even remotely accidentally see anything at the sonogram appointment. The technician didn't really "explore" down there.

*The guys I work with brought me back some Spicy peanut noodles from their lunch in Chinatown, Flushing one day at lunch. They wanted me to try something new and thought I would like them. I did like them..but WOWZA were they spicy, and I paid for it the rest of the day. The heartburn was unbearable!! I think they were trying to get me to go into labor!!

Couldn't make yoga last week, doing some good morning walks with the pup-pup Zoey and had some great afternoon lunch walks with friends.

I'm starting to get into my manic, nesting, "holy-shit we have so much to do" phase...I can feel it creeping closer and closer each week. It's part adrenaline, part anxiety, part excitement, part everything!

Looking forward to:
My Baby Shower in less than two weeks!

Maternity Clothes:
Yes! I forgot to talk about my experience shopping at Pea In The Pod last week! I went into Pea in the Pod dreading it - I thought that everything I'd find would be $150 or more. I was pleasanty surprised! First of all, they offer water and apple juice to all the mothers while shopping. Second of all, I scored a fantastic dress for Juan and Meg's wedding and hopefully for an upcoming rehearsal dinner for only $30 on the sale rack!! (the dress I was wearing in yesterday's post). They have a "bump" in the dressing room so people can shop early on in their pregnancy. I tried it on for fun - this is a 7 month bump over a 7 month bump. Does that make it a 14 month bump?


Still there, but not getting any worse. Chant it with me: BioOil! BioOil!

Rings on or off?
Engagement Ring off, wedding band on

Bellybutton in or out?
Still in! The top of it is starting to pop out a tiny bit- sometimes it pokes out more than other times.

This week I:

Set up another pediatrician appointment, got my breast-pump from my insurance company!! Annd I think that's about it!

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
This week the brain and eyes are continuing to develop. The baby can regulate his own body temperature and is starting to shed the downy body hair that has been keeping him warm up until now. (That's funny, Zoey is shedding her summer coat like crazy right now too!)


  1. I agree that those ultrasounds are a little creepy.... looking good momma!!!

    1. Phew..sometimes I worry that I'm the only one who thinks so...and I don't want to offend anyone who loves them..but just not for me! Thanks lady!

  2. Love the "bump" over your bump. That looks funny and makes me so happy it only last 9 months and not 14, Reminded me that whenever I see a pregnant elephant or elephant mama (yeah-that happens on a weekly basis!) I say a silent prayer of gratitude. Their gestation period lasts 18 months. UGHHH! You look beautiful and I cherish feeling Little Italy moving and hiccupping this pat weekend! <3!

    1. It def. was amazing that you and Melissa got to feel movement and hiccups this weekend..ACK! why didn't I put that under best moment of the week?! I"ll add it in for next week.

      Thank goodness pregnancy isn't 14 or 18 months!

  3. I can imagine you are getting close to feeling "done". Haha. Hoping the next 10 weeks fly by for you!

    1. Yes..I am starting to see how by the time most girls hit 37 weeks or so they're like "Yep..DONE" I'm sure these next 10 weeks will fly by...but not too fast..I have so much to do!!!

  4. hahaha your 14 month bump looks like my 40 week bump! Also, shaving? Good luck with that! I need an assistant in the shower these days, which couldn't happen even if that was a normal request because I'm already taking up so much space, knocking things over all the time. I love feeling those baby hiccups! And you look SO good!!

    1. Haha oh trust me, I'm sure my 40 week bump will look JUST like that 14 month bump as well. Oy shaving...I agree with the shaving shower thing. and baby hiccups are the best!! Thanks girl...can't believe it's your 40th weeeeeek! so exciting!!

  5. You look great, as always! Wow, 30 weeks! You're getting so close! That stinks about the hospital not offering any type of cord-blood donation services or patient-controlled epidurals.

    1. Thanks Heather! I know..I'm kind of bummed about the hospital thing. Mental note: "Things to check before deciding on a hospital" I'm curious what other hospitals in my area offer - I'll have to check on that for future pregnancies.

  6. Uh look fabulous Laura!!!!!!!!!!<3

  7. You look so good! That stomach cramp sounds kind of like round ligament pain. Have you had that? It can happen when you move too fast. It doesn't last long but it's super uncomfortable! Haha, gotta love big babies! Our boy is measuring in the 70th percentile. My husband wants a big boy but I on the other hand..:) That really stinks about the epidural! I need to find out about that at my appointment next week. Every time I go there's always something I forget to ask about.

    1. Yes!! You are probably right! I used to have it in the beginning..but haven't for quite some time..and I got it again tonight when I got out of the car too quickly so I def. think that's what it was! Let me know what your hospital does as far as epidurals..I'd be curious what other people are experiencing/what's offered to them. I keep a running note in my iphone of questions for the OB!

  8. you look amazing lady! and it's getting so close to the time. and i love the room. how exciting that you went to the store...i love that creative way of shopping!

    1. thanks! I can't believe how close it's coming as well!

  9. And I bet hubby is shedding his summer coat now too!

    haha You look amazing! Way to make it look easy! Love the posts and that sense of humor! I DIED at the 7-month bump over the 7-month bump part!

    1. LOL that coat never sheds...it just grows and grows and grows...

      Thank you dearie! yea the 14 month bump is pretty epic...curious to compare that to my 9 month bump when the time comes!

  10. I can't believe you are already 30 weeks along! Crazy!!!! You look great though! And I love your crib. It is so cute!


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