Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: A pineapple

Total Weight Gain: Still at 28!

Sunday into Monday I was up from 4:30am until my alarm went off at 6:00am. And what happened then? After my alarm went off...I slept until 7. Soooo alarm going off triggers sleep. Ok. Luckily, I didn't work on Monday so it was no big deal. Other than that night, sleeping fine.

Best Moment of the week:

*Chris painted the nursery allll day on Sunday all by himself! He was such a hard worker, and it really paid off. It looks great!! His parents had two leftover cans of green paint from their basement that fit our color scheme perfectly, so we were able to use that and I can't wait to see it all come together now!

I don't know if it's our imagination or if we're being extra cuddly with her, but Zoey has been extremely cuddly and needy lately. It's actually the cutest thing ever and it kind of melts my heart. She crawls into my lap any chance she gets. If I'm sitting...she's there: wants to be in my lap at all times, even though she can't even really sit in it, she has to sort of "perch" on the belly. It's the first sign of any change in her since I've been pregnant. (that we've noticed anyway)

Worst Moment of the Week:
*I FINALLY had a free day to go to yoga after a month hiatus and I STILL missed my train. Couldn't go and moped about it for the rest of the evening. Yep...I moped.

*Trying on the bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing in oh...3 weeks...for a friend's wedding. I ordered it 3 sizes bigger than I measured back in May, and it wouldn't even zip up. Sadly - this dress was not as huge as I anticipated it being. All is well, it's currently in the hands of a proficient tailor and I'm picking it up 4 days before the wedding - yikes!

*A coworker referred to me leaving for maternity leave/then working from home as "retirement" and I couldn't help but question the intent behind the comment. Totally not worth getting into it with her, whether she meant it or not - but I have a feeling this isn't the first time I'll be faced with a comment like that, and I should probably start practicing with some appropriate responses.

*Kind of annoyed that my doctor cancelled my appointment yesterday last minute because he had a meeting. I had to reschedule for Thursday morning. I specifically scheduled it for Monday because I had off of work....not thrilled.

Miss Anything:
I actually really did want a glass of spiced red wine over the weekend. It's the season for great reds now that it's getting colder.

Food Cravings:
Actually yes: Chocolate Milk. I've been LOVING a big, tall glass of chocolate milk, and lately - Chris has been making them with a scoop of peanut butter mixed in and Oh MY HEAVEN. It's all I can do not to chug it like a glass of water on a hot day.

Anything make you queasy or sick:

Have you started to show?

Team Green


*Heartburn every day from about 2:00pm-7:00pm. It usually starts up after lunch and lasts until I eat dinner. This week it got reallllly bad. Like burning so bad in my throat I could hardly swallow at one point.

*Cramps on Thursday - maybe dehydration? VERY Stuffed nose started on Monday - actually wondering if I'm coming down with something?

*The itching started this week...just a few days ago, on Friday I think. I've heard about the itching during the later stages of pregnancy but didn't really understand what it would feel like...but now I do. It started at my feet and ankles on Friday - it felt like I had a bunch of mosquito bites and it felt so good to scratch them. Then on Sunday afternoon into Sunday and Monday it moved up my legs. My legs are itching me sooooo badly. Ariane, from Storymix Media, says that it means I need to drink more water. Which, I was sort of bad about on Sunday and Monday. Anyway, the itching is really annoying! Seriously hoping I don't have 6+ more weeks of it!

Missed Yoga (see worst moment of the week) Walks with Zoey

Generally good

Looking forward to:
Getting the crib delivered today!!! The nursery is all starting to come together now! Now we can actually unpack all the nursery items and decorate this weekend!

Maternity Clothes:

Nothing new, using BioOil at least once, sometimes twice, a day.

Rings on or off?
Engagement ring off, wedding band on

Bellybutton in or out?
Ehhhhh hard to say. Kind of half in, half out...the top half is jutting out more and more each week.

This week I: 

*Painted the nursery (Well Chris did)

*Organized baby shower gifts some more - it took me two days to create a spreadsheet keeping track of what everyone got for me. Now - MUST START THANK-YOU'S!!!

*Had another consultation at Buy, Buy Baby (more on that tomorrow)

*Finalized details with my boss for my maternity and part-time work from home situation after I have the baby (which I wrote about yesterday)

This week's question:
What exactly is DREFT and why do I need to wash my baby clothes with it?

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain


This week the baby weighs just over 4 pounds and is about 17 inches long


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  1. Here is your schedule until Little Italy arrives: Step 1-Drink water. Step 2-Pee. Step 3-Drink water. Step 4-Pee. Repeat Steps 1-4 all day long! It should help with the itching, the tired feeling, the cramps and everything else. But you can't go anywhere without having to pee! The nursery looks great. Kudos to Chris. This time will drag on yet go so fast. Baby will be here before you know it! <3!

    1. I know I do have that feeling of things going really quickly yet in slow-motion at the same time. Ce la vie!

  2. Drink water to help with the cramps! And you have to love the itching. It just started for me and it's only on my belly so I'm trying to apply lotion a few times a day and so far it's helping. I don't use Dreft. It has that great new baby smell but there are better alternatives out there that are safe and gentle for baby. I've tried out a few as I've been washing baby clothes and right now I'm using Tide free and gentle (or something like that) and honestly the only reason I'll probably stick with it is because it's a better deal price wise compared to others. Can't wait to see the nursery come together!

    1. Thanks for the tip on Dreft - I just kind of assumed that's what everyone used because that's what I heard, but I will def. look into some other alternatives.

  3. Hi Laura, you look great as always. I love the colour of the babies room. We left ours white and didn't paint it, however Nate has been helping me a lot with trying to get everything set up. Also I did some DIY projects, which I am not the most talented but enjoyed doing them. Hopefully will post some pictures if I can get the room cleaned up. I can't wait to see your nursery.

    You mom gives GREAT advice. I have been getting cramps in my legs, especially in the mornings and water is really good. Just keep on drinking...that and for me personally I needed to take more calcium supplement.

    1. Would love to see some pictures soon of the nursery and your projects as you get them completed! I have sooo much to do, but excited to get things set-up. I feel like I drink drink drink..like all I do is drink! I actually think I'm addicted to water - not that that's a bad thing...but my thirst is sometimes unquenchable.

  4. You know, I read your weekly updates and nothing clicked with me. I read your "about me" section about how you're due in November and I'm all "OH MY GOD that's next month!" Haha. At least I get it eventually.

    1. Haha omg tell me about it! Once October 1st hit, I was able to say "next month" even though...it's very possible that I'll deliver in December but STILL!

  5. So the Dreft - in my opinion, not worth it. If you look at the ingredient list, its' still got a lot of chemicals in it, and it's unnecessarily expensive. Unless either of you have allergies or sensitivites, you should be fine to wash in whatever you want. We just use a generic free and clear detergent and Abbie is just fine!

    1. SO good to know, thank you!! I really just assumed that was what everyone used and didn't really look into it beyond that. I'm def. going to do some research and see what I want to buy. Thanks!

  6. Someone referred to your maternity leave and working from home as "retirement"? That is so dumb! I think you're right to just let it go and not get into it, since I've found that a lot of people are jealous of those who work from home, and that there are a lot of misconceptions that people who work from home aren't really "working." And let's not even get into how much work it is to take care of a child, let alone have a full-time or part-time job in addition!

    1. Yea...i was waiting for someone to comment on that little tidbit ;) I agree with all you're saying - and I do think this woman has oodles of opinions about my work situation going on in her head, but whatever - she can think what she wants to think...and I will also just have to understand that this is not the last time I'm going to get comments like this. Oof.

  7. You look great! Heartburn was the worst for me as I got bigger and bigger!

    I am having a $50 giveaway today to H & M-- awesome maternity and baby clothes! Check it out if you'd like! =) Jill @ youmeandcapri.com

    1. Thanks so much for the head's up, I entered and hope I win!! Yea,. I think I just need to get used to the heartburn for now...

  8. I remember every symptom you're having so well! For me, the itchy feet went away once the swelling was here to stay. My dog started following me around and was extra snuggly, too. We also used Dreft to start bc I wanted to have a smell for the dog to associate with baby but I'm not sure if it made a difference. He's been awesome with her but I don't think the detergent is the reason. We usually use All Free & Clear and will most likely switch when the Dreft is gone. It does smell so good but not sure it's worth it. Um and that chocolate milk looks to die for! Is it blended or is the PB just mixed in with the syrup?

    1. I will check out All Free & Clear, thanks for the recommendation! So glad your pup is being great with her!!

      The PB chocolate milk is sooo good...we are making a regular chocolate milk, then blending in a spoonful of Peanut Butter with the immersion blender. Def. try it!!

  9. I have been told by lots of people that dogs are very instinctual when it comes to Women being pregnant. They start getting really needy when you are getting closer to delivering your baby. When I went to Hawaii to be with my friend when she had her baby, her dog kept following her everywhere she went and had to be next to her at all times in the few days leading up to her giving birth. So when Zoey starts following you around a lot, it might be a sign!

    And the nursery looks great already. I can't wait to see the rest of it!

  10. You are a precious momma-to-be! I think it is so awesome that you are team green, I so wish I could have been cool enough to do that! :)

    And that chocolate milk looks good to me and i am not preggers!



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