Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

I look so tiiiiirrreeddd
How Far Along: 38 Weeks! (Which means I'm actually 39 weeks today, which means I have ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!)

Baby is the size of: Leek - anyone else think that's smaller than the other "vegetables" it's been?
The baby on average should weigh about 6.8 pounds
Total Weight Gain: 34 pounds

Sleep: Still surprised by how well I'm sleeping. I fall into a very deep sleep every night.

Best Moment of the week: SOOOO MANY
*My friend, Kate, got some great advice from her acunpuncturist and sent it my way first thing Wednesday morning:
"Most people give birth between 39 and 41 weeks. She says 41 weeks is extremely likely for the first one. She says if you want an epidural, do it and do not apologize. She also said try to let nature takes its course (no induction unless medically necessary, no pitocin unless danger) as long as possible. If you have to have a c section, be happy that you can do it in a way (meaning modern medicine) that mom and baby will both be fine...but try to avoid that outcome if you can. You will be irrational toward the end, and that is ok."
Kate's been sending me little words of advice and interesting articles on pregnancy for the past few months. I love getting little emails like this from her.

*Along those lines, I've been so touched by the people who have reached out to me recently. A friend of a friend who I met ONCE back in July sent me a text this past week asking how I am, and reminding me that I can go to her for any questions or advice I need (she has a 4 month old daughter). A neighbor, and friend, that I haven't talked to since High School sent me a facebook message with information on how to make your own baby food and wishing me well in these final weeks. Text messages from friends already planning their visits to New York in December, and random "thinking of you" messages have warmed and touched my heart! I am so blessed.

*Before I left work for my maternity leave, I had to fill out my New York State disability paperwork. You would think by now there would be a specific form for pregnancy. Many of the questions didn't seem to fit why I was leaving, and it just felt weird to keep referring to my pregnancy as my "disability". I mean, just look at question number 6!...
(I didn't actually write that...but I wish I had)

*An extremely busy last week of work: Training my replacement all day long, attended a charity event hosted by a coworker on Tuesday, my office had a pizza party for me on Wednesday, saw Pippin on Broadway on Thursday night, and had my last day at the office on Friday! I got this sweet card from my coworkers:

*Discovering Wendy's Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. It's very rare that I get fast food...but I've had my eye on this pub sandwich for quite some time. Finally, I was able to try it on Saturday for lunch and my oh myyyyy it was worth every calorie! Grilled chicken, muenster cheese, honey mustard, tomato and lettuce on a pretzel bun!! I had it again yesterday for lunch, and convinced my Mother-in-Law to try it with me as well!

*I survived my first "Womanly" appointment with a male doctor! LOL...I know we're all adults here, and yadda yadda but I was nervous about the appointment, especially with Chris right there during it. (Inquire within for more information, not going to go into any more detail than that). The appointment was a little bit awkward, but all in all, it was also a really good appointment. I am one centimeter dilated, which apparently is fine and normal. This particular doctor's wife is due with their first child only one week ahead of me (she probably had it this week). So he had a lot to share and gave me a lot of advice since he and his wife are going through the same thing right now, which was really nice. I felt that he fully understood my hope for minimal medical intervention, and kept driving home how I just really need to walk, walk, walk, and that I shouldn't come to the hospital until my contractions are 4-5 minutes apart (as opposed to the usual 5-7 that he recommends. This is unless my water breaks, at which point, I need to go immediately).

*Had an enjoyable book club meeting on Friday - Some of the topics that came up and questions they were asking me about labor and delivery were so funny. I was laughing so hard I was afraid I was going to go into labor!

*During my commute home on Friday, I made friends with a Luxury Hotel Reviewer who lives in London! He was very interesting to talk to. He was born and raised in Sweden and he was asking me a lot of questions about the maternity rights and privileges in the US vs. Sweden and the UK. He told me that in Sweden, women get 18 months paid maternity leave, and fathers get paid paternity leave too (and they actually all take it...as opposed to here where even if it is offered, it's frowned upon). In the UK, women get 6 months paid maternity leave. Who's moving to Sweden with me?

Worst Moment of the week: 
*Honestly, I'm at a loss here.
I guess I could say being sadder about leaving work than I thought I would be?
Or being so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to read all of your blogs??
Being in a bit of a sad mood on Saturday night?
All in all, it was too busy of a week to really be bad!

Miss Anything: Spiced Red Wine, being able to hop out of bed or a car.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, but I got a craving for Tandy Cake on Saturday night and made it first thing Sunday morning (sorry, no picture...click on link for picture)

Anything make you queasy or sick: No...but I'm getting fuller faster.

Have you started to show? Oh yes. I get stopped everywhere I go now and asked when I'm due. It's kind of exciting to say "two weeks!" Yesterday I got to say "Next Week!" - PS: this maternity shirt from Target has clearly been amazing. Highly recommend!

Gender: Team Green!

*A few times I felt these very quick flutters from the baby. It's not kicks, and it's not hiccups (though I feel hiccups at least once a day, sometimes more). These are quick little flutters or taps in and around the same area that I feel hiccups. From reading what others have said on message boards, I believe this is the baby trying to take its first quick practice breaths. That is merely speculation.
*(Toni) Braxton Hicks Contractions - I definitely am having more and more moments of cramps. Once I walk and drink water they usually go away. It really just feels like menstrual cramps.

*Decreased appetite: Still eating a lot...and then feeling like crap after. My stomach just doesn't have the room it usually does!

*Increased swollen ankles and fingers. I put my feet up for two hours on Saturday. I ended up falling asleep for a pretty epic nap while I did this, but it totally got rid of the swelling in my cankles!

Workouts: None, just walks with my Zoey! I think we walked every morning this past week!

Mood: I've been totally running on adrenaline for the past 7 days. First of all, between having one week to train my replacement at work and trying to wrap up my own projects before leaving, I hardly had any time to breathe. There were actually moments at work when I looked down and was like "Oh! that's right...I'm pregnant!"

Looking forward to: This entire week!! I've had one official day of maternity leave - which I primarily used for running errands, but so far I am loving having this time to get everything fully ready and in order before the baby's arrival!! I realize that not everyone gets this time to prepare, and I am so grateful to have it! Each day is "go, go, go" Clean this, clean that, put together this, take apart that, hang this, put away that. I think by next Tuesday; my actual due date, I will be 100% ready for this baby - not any sooner though!!!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively

Stretchmarks: A few on my hips which are just from the very beginning

Rings on or off? Just wedding band, and it "usually" fits me the whole day

Bellybutton in or out? OUT

This week I:
*Put together the Pack n' play - Chris did this, and Zoey approved of the work!

*Framed some Etsy art-work for the nursery
*Did some more wash of baby items!
*Returns to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us

Reading: The Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two (Sears Parenting Library)

Milestones: S/He has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. "Fetal development is nearly complete as your baby tends to a few last-minute details like shedding the skin-protecting vernix and lanugo. He's also producing more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in his lungs from sticking to one another once he starts to breathe."


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  1. Ah yah-Sveeeden! The Swedish do everything right. Do you think there is a connection between how much time they are allowed to have as a family and the fact that they are one of the safest, if not the safest, country in the world? They had it right even when you were born because I remember reading up on their maternity leave. They also use day care once they return to work but they don't just drop off Little Johnny and leave. Both parents attend day care with LJ for several days until he has a bond with the care givers and is comfortable being left there alone. Yeah-I'll move to Sweden with you. In Europe it's not about women's rights. It is referred to as Family rights. Family-what a concept!

    1. Oh Europe....one day we'll move there ;)

  2. This post is awesome. So many amazing happy things. Well and the disability form. So weird... I'm kind of curious about your doc appointment. That is one thing I do not want to do... Glad you survived!!! And yes, we should definitely move to Sweden. Higher taxes definitely pay off in some ways...

    1. Hahah so I sent you a long (hopefully not TMI) email all about the appointment. Thanks for reading - see you in Sweden!

  3. Getting so close! I love the advice your friend gave. So many things about giving birth is out of our control (mine wasn't my ideal but I was very happy with it all at the end!) so it's great to be open minded. I never saw a male doctor until delivery when a male med student was with my OB and at that point I didn't care! And after delivery he came back and complimented me on how well I did haha. Enjoy these last days-however many you have left!

    1. Haha I'm sure - Chris actually encouraged me to make an appointment with a male doctor so I can get used to the idea and feel comfortable the day I deliver, but I was like "on the day I deliver I won't care...this is just the three of us, alone in a room...that's quite different" In the end though, I'm glad I had the appointment cause I really did like this doctor's personality the best and I kind of actually hope he's my doctor the day I deliver. I'm glad that even though your labor didn't go as planned, that you are happy with how everything went....you have your little baby now, so all is worth it!!

  4. Wow you are getting so close, how exciting! I am hoping for little to no medical intervention as well and really want to have a natural birth. I never in a million years would have dreamed I could do it but after a lot of reading and research I just feel it's better for the baby and me. I just hope I can make it happen and I'm glad to have a midwife who is very supportive of my decision!

    1. So great all the research and planning you've done! I'm sure you will do fabulously and all will go smooth...but if it goes in another direction, that's just fine too! It def. is getting so very exciting now!

  5. I can't wait to find out what you're having!!! You're so close! How exciting!

    1. LOL you and me both!! People just LOVE to take a guess - rando's at the store or the mall ask me what I"m having and when I say we don't know, they just love to give their predictions. It's pretty funny and is a nice ice-breaker if nothing else.

  6. So soon!! Exciting stuff.

    I can imagine it was really awkward with that male doctor. My future sister in law (who has two kids) told me all pride goes out the window during the pre labor doc visits and then the actual birth. I look forward to having babies but def. not looking forward to all those eyes on parts of me!!

    1. Haha yea..I think once you get over the first initial awkward visit it's just "whatever" from there on in. It is what it is and we are all adults! :)

  7. Aaaagghh! So close! I am glad that you are getting some time off too. I am sure it is helping to get things ready! And I can't wait to see if it is a boy or a girl! So exciting! So excited for you guys!

    1. Having this time off has been amaaaazing. I'm so lucky to have it. I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl too!!

  8. It's funny, until recently my OB/GYN practice only had male doctors (with a female nurse pracitioner), two of the doctors retired so now there are also two female doctors, one I just saw last week for my yearly checkup. Needless to say I got very used to being seen and checked by a male doctor and obviously one delivered my son. It never really bothered me though I think my husband felt strange watching another man check me during labor. I think most first time mothers go late, I went 5 days past my due date before getting induced, and I suspect I could have gone longer since I was barely even dilated at that point.

    Good Luck, hopefully your little one won't make you wait too much longer!

    1. Yea, most people say you go late with your first, so that's what I"m expecting. Yea, I suppose if you always went to male doctors it's just normal. I just was always really shy about that and specifically chose female doctors, but I'm certainly getting over that with all these appointments now!

  9. SO close! You look stunning - really! So excited for you!!

  10. You look great! I definitely agree to stay home as long as possible... You'll be so much more comfortable at home believe it or not! Good luck... I'm excited to find out if its a girl or a boy!

    1. I'm excited to find out too...I can't believe i held out from finding out for this long! I will try to stay home until I feel I absolutely need to go - it's going to be scary though!

  11. My sister in law had her baby today...9 days past her due date. So I wouldn't be surprised if you are late as well!! Enjoy the next week or so - life is going to change in such an exciting way very soon!!! Glad to hear everything continues to go well!

    1. Congratulations Auntie!!! Did they end up inducing her or did she go into labor naturally? I have to schedule a potential induction date tomorrow at the doctor's office and I"m so debating how far after my due date I should schedule it for - I wanted to schedule it for 10 days past my due date, but my MIL really thinks I shouldn't go past 7....

      congrats again, so exciting!


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